What are the toll fees to travel from Johannesburg to Durban?

In short, the Gauteng (Johannesburg) to Durban N3 Route will cost you R 272.00  – – See the table at the bottom of this article for more toll routes.

The saying ‘good things are worth paying for’ indeed applies to our everyday lives whether we are at the shops or on the road. A perfect example is paying for toll gates. Almost every national road in South Africa has a toll gate, with some charging an arm and a leg while some are pretty affordable.  

Why should we pay toll fees you may ask? Well, tolls are a way to ensure that only those who make use of a road pay for its upkeep. 

With that said, many motorists opt to use back routes just so they can avoid paying toll fees, but is it worth it? While you and I may be guilty of this, avoiding toll gates can be good and bad more especially during these times we are living in.  

This brings us to the subject at hand; is it worth paying toll fees?  

Here we look at the N3 from Gauteng to Durban.  

The N3 freeway from Gauteng to Durban has five tolls namely; N3 De Hoek, N3 Wilge, N3 Tugela, N3 Mooi River and N3 Mariannhill. In total and by the time a motorist reaches Durban, they would have parted ways with R272.  

That may seem like nothing but the fees keep increasing annually in line with the Consumer Price Index, as obtained from Statistics South Africa.  

Let’s have a look at the benefits of paying toll fees.

  • The N3 toll road from Gauteng to Durban boasts a high-quality road network for enhanced road safety and security of motorists.  
  • The toll road reduces travelling distances from the two points, which greatly results in unmatched savings on the running cost of your car over some time, while also saving you travel time and fuel. 
  • Avoid congestion; this is self-explanatory because toll roads should in theory provide free-flowing traffic thus eliminating congestion. 
  • The N3 toll road has the best infrastructure which plays an important role in improving road safety and ensuring an effective way of travelling.  

Then there are the other back roads that motorists use to avoid paying for tolls. And It is possible to drive from Gauteng to Durban without even paying one toll. But, it is not for the faint-hearted… 

Tollfree route option: 

Motorists can make use of the off-ramp to R59 Villiers/Vereeniging then get off the highway at Villiers to join the R103 ,then get off the highway at Villiers to take the alternative route on the R103 and off you go on and on.  

The reason why we said back roads are not for the faint-hearted is that they are usually poorly maintained as it is a norm with them across the country so expect to navigate through some horrible potholes.  

Safety is also a major concern with hijackings and accidents being on top of the list. More often, back roads include two-way roads which are more dangerous than freeways since they are narrow and go through mountains, small towns and over hills –  something that presents risks and driving challenges.

Toll roads have good police visibility, and there will be less or none on the back roads which poses another safety concern.  

In conclusion and in our opinion; there is nothing wrong with avoiding toll roads, the scenery along these roads can often be very beautiful; but you have to consider and be comfortable with the risk you are taking while doing so. We recommend sticking to the Toll roads for the sake of your safety. 

Toll Fees For Major SA Highways

Route Toll fees 
N1 Pretoria to Polokwane R184.00 
N4 Pretoria to Nelspruit R205.00 
N4 Pretoria to Rustenburg R67.50 
N3 Johannesburg to Durban R272.00 
N1 Johannesburg to Bloemfontein R154.50 
N1 Johannesburg to Cape Town R197.00 
N2 Durban to Empangeni R42.50 
N2 Port Elizabeth to George R57.00