Having driven a Hyundai for many years, I found the experience of having a well-equipped hatchback, backed by incredible service and support from the dealer, to be very satisfying. As a fan of the brand I am always eager to learn what Hyundai has on offer, most especially in the small car segment. With the popularity of the i20 still growing, the signature vehicle from their hatchback range has caught my eye once again.

Hyundai the Glen is situated in the south of Johannesburg where it provides quality vehicles from a prime location. Headed by a capable Dealer Principal, Sean Simpson, the dealership is known for its sense of pride and team spirit that filters through to their customers. Sean is well respected for his humble and committed approach to client satisfaction and emphasises loyalty and hard work when it comes to providing the best quality vehicles to the community.

Mandy Kleinhans is one of the women in the motoring industry who stands out to me as a fountain of knowledge regarding Hyundai products and services. As the New Car Sales Manager, she has numerous years of experience to add to her arsenal. Proudly representing this brand, which she is confident to state that she believes in, Mandy comes across as a charismatic and dynamic individual who has a deep understanding of the motoring industry and how it fluctuates.

Terrance Wessels is the New Car Sales Executive to talk to about the Hyundai i20 – relatively new to the industry, Terrance is a sports car enthusiast who would love to race under the Hyundai banner one day. With a great love for meeting new people, Terrance feels he’s able to combine his love for cars and his affinity for working with people to best serve him in his position as Sales Executive. His motto when it comes to client service is to “build value” and in creating relationships with his clients in which he can add value to their lives.

The i20 is marketed as being stylish on the outside and roomy on the inside, as a mid-sized hatch that sits between the i10 (compact hatch) and the i30. With distinctive headlamps and a floating roof design, the fluid lines make the i20 look sleek. In line with the design elements of classic and simple elegance, the i20 achieves the balance of modernity and understated class very well. It sits with a low, wide stance and a lovely sense of gravity on the road and is most definitely in its most attractive generation thus far. Electric side mirrors fold in when the car is locked and has integrated indicator lights that really give it a modern, edgy flair. Black waistline moulding follows on the slight sporty look, whilst also providing added protection against unwanted scratches to your vehicle.

The cabin has been carefully appointed with high-quality fabric and material finishes that strive to create a sense of elegance and calm. This is enhanced by the fact that the i20 boasts the quietest cabin in its class, thanks to the double NVH padding in the panels. The dashboard continues the trend of simplistic design, without overwhelming the driver with switches, knobs and dials, yet still maintaining a sense of modern sophistication. The steering wheel has multifunction controls for the radio/audio system as well as to access the trip computer, and the aircon works well to ensure you remain cool and collected at all times. The glove box also has a nifty cooling feature which one wouldn’t expect to see in a hatchback. Similarly, connecting your smartphone to the radio system is easy and user-friendly to operate. The i20 can also proudly be declared as the roomiest vehicle in its class, with copious amounts of legroom and headroom for its size, and a comfortable seating position throughout.

On the 1.4 Fluid and Sport models, the i20 comes standard with rear park assist which warns you through audio tone of objects you may bump into. Safety features that are standard across all variants however include ABS and EBD (enabling you to steer while braking), and dual front airbags are present as a supplementary system to keep you safe. Anti-pinch electric windows are also standard and are a great addition to a car that is aimed at families (think mischievous children and the results of a pinched finger mid-take over on the highway). Escort headlamps and the map-reading light give you an additional 30 seconds of light in low visibility conditions to help you reach your front door safely, a feature which I particularly appreciate.

Whilst featuring as a small car, Hyundai is proud of the fact that their vehicles remain big on performance. Available in various engine sizes, the 1.2 litre derivative is coupled with a 5-speed manual gearbox, which provides 61 kW of power and 115 Nm of torque for your driving pleasure. The other options in the Fluid variant are a 1.4 litre KAPPA engine that is paired either with a 6-speed manual transmission or 4-speed automatic. Capable of delivering 74 kW of power and 133 nM of torque, the 1.4 variant is popular for its enthusiastic take-off and athletic responses. Fuel consumption figures range between 5.9 litres per 100 kilometres on the 1.2 variants, 6.5 on the 1.4 litre manual and sport versions, and 7.5 on the 1.4 automatic – which is very competitive for this segment.

On home soil again at Hyundai the Glen, the level of professionalism and product expertise remains the reason for the popularity of the dealership. With accredited pre-owned vehicles also on show, as well as a dedicated aftersales team taking care of genuine Hyundai parts-sourcing and vehicles services, the dealership is your one-stop shop for your Hyundai shopping pleasure. To check out their incredible deals as well as request a quote or book a service, follow the link below:

The dealership contact details are: http://www.hyundai.co.za/dealers/the-glen/


Journalist: Desh Bechan

Reporter: Inge Stols

Editor: Belinda Anderson