Ford May Have The Answer

Parents all over the world will tell you of the stories and the antics they resorted to…just to get their little one to go to sleep. At some point or the other, we have all experienced those moments of frustration. So, what help can a car company like Ford, possibly offer to restless infants mombies and sleep deprived dads? How about a prototype invention called the Motor Max Dreams. Which is an “automotive” baby crib, designed by Spanish design studio Espaday Santa Cruz in collaboration with Ford. This new wave, cutting-edge baby crib simulates the cabin motion, vibration and ambient sounds of driving in a car.

This is certainly a first for any car manufacturer…albeit a first in motoring history. The crib will include: LED-lights to mimic passing streetlights, speakers to resonate muffled engine sounds, a Ford motor, of course, serves as the oscillator mechanism that produces both light vibrations and a gentle rocking motion. To simulate or recreate baby’s favourite in-car rides, a cell phone App records and tracks the cars movements, sounds and vibrations during the trip. You then transfer the data to the Motor Max Dreams simulator module via Bluetooth, and it is sweet dreams for your little bundle of joy. In addition, you save on fuel! According to Ford, there is enough demand for The Motor Max Dreams, to warrant mass production.

The Motor Max Dreams is a concept similar to the Snoo Smart Sleeper – another high-tech crib that mimics the sounds of a mother’s womb. Inasmuch as if baby does not sleep, then neither does mommy sleep, except for daddy…he sleeps. Someone, in a figurative sense, once said to me, “if mommy falls, then baby falls,” and a sleep deprived mommy is a mommy that is going to fall at any moment.

Amazingly, Ford “get it.” They understand the plight and the struggle new parents endure. With the invention of the Motor Max Dreams, Ford have set themselves apart from their competition, going beyond just building cars and meeting sales targets – reaching customers on a much deeper personal level.


By Dean Joseph