Subaru Centurion recently afforded me a unique prospect, which I found so interesting that I was willing to take it on. Having my mind changed for me does not happen often, so I was intrigued to hear that I could possibly undergo a complete perspective shift after test driving the Subaru Legacy. With its unassuming, yet pleasing-to-the-eye appearance, the Legacy doesn’t generally give up any secrets at first glance. But I was being challenged to see what these secrets were.

The vehicle itself looks relatively unpretentious, with standard clean-cut lines and sedan styling. On the inside, I was not all that surprised to find a whole host of bells and whistles for which Subaru is so famous – multifunction steering wheel, an amazing infotainment system, multi-mode trip computer and rear-camera all set up in an intuitively laid-out dashboard. Gorgeous leather seats with optional heating seem to wrap around you in comfort, whilst each passenger has extra measures of leg-room.

At this point I wasn’t yet caught off guard – accustomed to the high-quality build and interior finishes of a Subaru, I wasn’t quite sure what all the fuss was about. That is, until the 3.6 litre engine roared to life and the car leaped forward like a lion released from ambush. Thinking that perhaps it had been a fluke, I floored the accelerator again – only to be feel something akin to g-forces pushing me into my seat as the Legacy responded with enthusiasm and hardcore power.

It made sense at that point; I had seriously underestimated this vehicle. It looks self-effacing and meek, like a classy family sedan that you take out for a Sunday drive. But in reality, it is an assertive, commanding vehicle that – yes, you can ferry your family around in – can also give the youngsters at the robots waiting to dice a formidable run for their money, before easily leaving them in its wake. I was sure at that point that many people had not experienced the potency of this vehicle, nor would they expect the all-round comfort and technological luxury of the Legacy.

And so I had effectively had my mind changed for me. Much to my utter delight, I realised that the Legacy was a car that needed to be exposed for its amazing capabilities – the Legacy dominates in its class, with its authoritative engine, gorgeous featured-laced interior and velvety drive. It is an incredibly refined car; mature yet not stuffy, elegant, with a tiger under the hood waiting to be set free.

As the team at Subaru Centurion noted, I was left in awe by this vehicle. I had spent four glorious days masquerading as a Queen of the road, thundering away at traffic lights, and then cruising in style through the traffic. I would like to challenge our readers to go out and test drive this vehicle – do not lose out on an incredible driving experience! Challenge your senses and go for a spin in the Subaru Legacy – surround yourself with it’s rich, commanding presence and enjoy the stunned surprise on the faces of those trailing far behind.

By Desh Pillay Bechan