Mention Subaru WRX and one conjures up imagery of loud blue paintwork, an even louder Boxer burble and rally car performance. Subaru will be bringing the all-new WRX to South Africa next year. And it seems to have taken on a slightly more sophisticated persona.

So what if you want to cash-in on the raw charms of the current model? We found a three year-old WRX at Subaru Bryanston’s Six Star pre-owned section. It’s got 40 000 kilometres on the odometer and it’s going for R289 000.

Subaru WRX Rear - Surf4cars

And there are really few cars for this price that have the same amount of go and show. Then of course there’s the cachet of the brand. You know your friends are going to respect you.

We spoke to a Subaru service advisor and got an average breakdown of maintenance costs. Service intervals are every 15 000 kilometres. The next appointment at 45 000 kilometres could cost R1800, expect to pay R5800 for the 60 000-kilometre job, the 75 000-kilometre service might cost around R1800 and the 90 000-kilometre appointment could set you back R2600.

It requires a major service at 120 000 kilometres and that rings in at R13 500. These prices are inclusive of labour. You’ll pay between R1495 and R1700 to replace one of its Pirelli P7 tyres.

Expect repayments of around R4500 if you slap down a 10% deposit and take a 60-month term. And the thing is, you don’t mind committing over that period, because it’s a robust car. I mean when was the last time you heard of someone with an unreliable Subaru? It just doesn’t happen.

Subaru WRX - Surf4cars

Its 60-litre tank will cost about R780 to fill. And Subaru gives a claimed consumption figure of 10.4l/100km. Real-world figures will be closer to the region of 14l/100km. But for that smile-worthy performance, it’s understandable.

With that 2.5-litre Boxer engine rumbling away in the background, this car is really entertaining. And you get a thrilling turbocharged kick – for those robot-to-robot sprints. This car might be three years old but it still feels taut and virginal.

As the motoring industry transforms and cars become increasingly digital, it’s nice to have some immersive, analogue machines available. Now we’re assured that the next WRX is going to be pretty special. But we’re sure you’ll agree that the chance to own the original icon at this reasonable pre-owned price is enticing indeed.

If you’re interested in the car featured here, contact Subaru Bryanston on 011-463-2400.

-Brenwin Naidu

The Technical Stuff: 

Model: 2010 Subaru WRX

Mileage: 40 000 kilometres

Price New: R359 000

Price Now: R289 000

Estimated Repayment: R4500

Power and Torque: 195kW and 343Nm

Full Tank Price: R780 (60L)

Price Per Tyre: Between R1495 and R1700