Suzuki has added yet another SUV to their lineup of vehicles, bringing more variation into the mix. The naming of the new model may be a bit confusing for some (it certainly was for us) – is it a Brezza or is it a Vitara? Well, it’s both and we’ll explain how.

A lot of what comes out of Suzuki dealerships in SA is built in India, in fact, the Asian region is a mass producer of Suzuki. Take a drive through the streets of India and you’ll notice that an overwhelming majority of cars on these bustling streets are Suzuki. I had the opportunity to visit this incredible country just over a year ago, courtesy of Suzuki, and the scale of which these vehicles are manufactured is astonishing. Maruti Suzuki (what the brand is referred to in India) exports to over 100 countries globally.

Difference between Vitara Brezza and Vitara

You guessed it, we’re on this global list and as of February 2021, we became the recipients of the all-new Vitara Brezza. This model stands separate from the Vitara we’ve come to love and know, although as siblings, the two still share a lot of DNA. Chances are you’re not interested in their similarities but in what makes them different, so we’ll get straight to it. For starters, the new Vitara Brezza looks different from the existing Vitara. From a design point of view, the new SUV is more compact, and it shows even from a visual perspective. The Brezza is also only available with Suzuki’s proven 1.5-litre petrol engine, whereas its bigger stablemate is offered with a 1.4 turbo engine as well as a 1.6 naturally aspirated option. Where safety is concerned you’re getting two airbags (driver and passenger) in the smaller SUV compared to the Vitara’s seven. And since the Brezza is an entry-level vehicle, it’s movements will be confined to paved city roads, as it doesn’t come equipped with the all-wheel-drive function the Vitara has. This shouldn’t be a deterrent for you, as many SUV buyers rarely ever take their glossy wheels into the bundus.

Specs and Tech

What makes this vehicle a good value proposition is all the goodies it comes with for the money you’re paying. The engine, as we’ve mentioned, is a 1.5-litre petrol unit which is good for 77 kW and 138 Nm going to the front wheels. You’ll be pleased to hear that it yields over 700km from a single tank of fuel, according to Suzuki. You can either pair it with a 5-speed manual gearbox or the 4-speed auto, the choice is yours. Daytime running lights are a standard thing across the range, and only the top-spec GLX variant gets automatic projector LED headlamps. Smartphone users are catered for with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and things like a reverse camera are also standard. Wait, there’s more – the GLX has cruise control, keyless entry and a push to start button. It also has luxury features like auto folding mirrors and automatic rain-sensing wipers. They’ve done a solid job here.

As the best-selling compact SUV in India, the Vitara Brezza has sold over 500 000 units in that country alone. As far as competitors are concerned, we must make mention of the fact that there is a direct rival from Toyota, which is being launched locally in the next few weeks. The two will have a lot in common, in fact, more than a lot because they’re the same vehicle just with different badges. It will be very interesting to see whether the Vitara Brezza sells like hotcakes on African soil, or whether the Toyota badged version will triumph just as it did with the Starlet.

Suzuki Vitara Brezza pricing:

1.5 GL MTR244 900
1.5 GL ATR264 900
1.5 GLX MTR289 900
1.5 GLX ATR309 900