The Renault Twingo never really soared in South Africa although it was a hit in Europe. Local buyers favoured the roomier Clio. The French carmaker recently unveiled their redesigned iteration of the city-slicker. And there is much to get excited about.

Renault Twingo Side - Surf4cars

For starters it has the same layout as a Porsche 911: the engine sits at the rear. Renault says it’s going to be a hit in urban areas, since having nothing in the front means a better turning circle. But that also creates room in the cabin and for the first time, a Twingo has four doors. This model is a collaborative effort with Daimler, the final product will be jointly-developed with the next two and four-seat iterations of the Smart.

Renault Twingo Front - Surf4cars

According to Renault, they didn’t only look back to the previous Twingo for inspiration, but also as far back as the Renault 5. Cues like the rake of the rear screen and prominent shoulders are said to nod to its boxy progenitor. There are four colours: blue, white, yellow and red. Buyers will have the choice of funky decals and go-faster stripes. The new Twingo will make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show on March 4.