Money is tight and the economy in South Africa is tough, which is why you need to be sure that you will be able to keep affording to keep your car on the road. And while a low purchase price has an unquestionable appeal, long-term affordability is also determined by its running costs. Basically, the cheaper a car is to run, the less expensive it is to maintain in the long term.

Vehicle owners could admit that although cars are super convenient, when the minor issues begin to transpire a massive dent could be made to your cash flow, especially if you ignore the telltale signs that your car is in need of a service, or a major maintenance problem starts developing.

The determining factor

Fuel consumption is one of the main factors that buyers take into consideration when wanting to purchase a car, but that’s only part of it. Maintenance, insurance, spares and depreciation are also other important factors to note, and when all of the above is taken into consideration, there are some so-called affordable vehicles that suddenly don’t look like good options.

What you really need is a car with economical fuel efficiency, along with a good reputation for stability, inexpensive servicing, and solid retention value. Therefore, you need to ask yourself the following question – what is the cheapest car to maintain in South Africa?

Here is a list of the Top 10:

1. Datsun GO
2. Nissan Micra
3. Peugeot 208
4. Renault Sandero
5. Toyota Corolla Quest
6. Toyota Corolla Prestige
7. Mazda 3
8. Toyota Fortuner
9. Hyundai Tucson
10. Nissan NP 200