In the Indian market last year, Hyundai launched an all-new Venue. The Venue looks very sporty and aggressive in the section adopting the “Fluidic Sculpture” design language. Well, the manufacturer ‘s latest “Sensual Sportiness,” as we can see in the all-new Elite i20, has been introduced since the launch of the Hyundai Venue. Here is a reproduction of the Hyundai Venue showing how the car might look in a few years ‘ time. The new ‘Sensual Sportiness’ is observed.

The Hyundai Venue, launched late in South Africa, was instantly popular in the local market in 2019. Even though the little crossover  is designed from a compact platform with blocking retro design characteristics and appeals to young buyers as it is trendy and inexpensive, it has also been popular with older buyers who want to buy and drive an easy to operate compact car that also offers a slightly higher driving place. It is very easy to use.

In order to keep the product fresh on the market, lifts are launched. Usually, many facial lifts are performed in a product ‘s lifetime before being replaced by an entirely new vehicle. Hyundai launched recently the facelift release of the Verna on the Indian market, which is also a consequence of many design changes in order to keep the segment fresh.

It is worth noting that every 2-3 years after introducing an all new product, Hyundai launches a facelift version. Because the Venue is very popular and successful on the market, in the next couple of years we will probably see the launch of the facelift and by then Hyundai could introduce new designs that may look very different from this image. However, we feel that the interaction between the venue looks extremely good, even if this ever becomes a reality, it can become the design of the N-Line, a high-performance variant.

However, in its home market of South Korea Hyundai has now introduced a new Flex derivative. The new entrant has a “hot-stamped” grill that matches the face of the company’s compact, familiar car to new model ones … it’s an indication that a mild facelift or only a bold model year update could be previewed in the near future!

The interior has yellow highlights for temperature control and ventilation dials, the drive mode and the air ventilation adjusters. In the door card, the external braces, shifting gear board and the internal rim of the steering wheel feature white and yellow contrast stitching complemented by the black / grey seat upholstery piping.

Otherwise, its sibling derivatives are mechanically unchanged in the Venue. The Flux edition is freely equipped in Korea, including the forward- and lane-keeping assist, rear traffic alarm, blind spot collision and driver attention warning, beam assistance and pressure surveillance tyres. The Flux edition is also available for all types of applications.

By Noni Nchwe