Car brands like McLaren have become known for their outstanding engineering of supercars as well as hypercars. They represent the pinnacle of automotive engineering, and to maintain their position at the top, innovation, evolution and adapting has to be a top priority. McLaren recently launched yet another hybrid supercar to add to their sublime lineup, and it’s called the Artura.

Visually, the new hybrid supercar is every bit McLaren in the detail and how it has been sculptured. At the front is the familiar tapered front end with “eye sockets” encasing a pair of streamlined headlamps, as seen on many of their current models. Of course, the McLaren’s smooth and low-slung silhouette is streamlined to cheat the wind when driving at exciting speeds and to aid in this, the firm has engineered the Artura with a lightweight body through what they call McLaren Carbon Fibre Lightweight Architecture (MCLA). It weighs in at 1490kg – engine, electric motor and battery pack included.

Speaking of the running gear, the McLaren Artura makes use of a new twin-turbo V6 petrol engine, and as we’ve seen from other models within the brand, their powerplants are designed with high potency. The 3.0-litre six-cylinder produces 430 kW and 584 Nm, and when combined with the output from the electric motor, a total of 500 kW and a solid 720 Nm is achieved. Power is managed by an 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox and you’ll be surprised to learn that there’s no reverse gear here. With an electric motor on board, the Artura’s engineers have taken advantage of this by removing the reverse cog from the transmission. To back things up it uses its electric motor which is powered by a 7.4-kWh lithium-ion battery, with the weight of a lean rugby player at 88kg. As a hybrid, it can be driven using either the engine or the electric motor independently. On electric energy, the Artura will give you a range of around 30km, and as much as we hate to say this, but you’ll find it very difficult to resist the urge to continuously exploit six-cylinder for all of its goodies, making EV mode a “nice to have but not necessary”. However, the electric motor does have its benefits, like the instant torque available to you under acceleration, and of course, the previously mentioned EV mode which allows you to move in stealth mode. 

McLaren estimates a combined fuel consumption figure of 5.6l/100km in the Artura, which if accurate, will make for both an exhilarating and fuel-saving supercar.

McLaren Artura specs

  • Engine                         3.0 twin turbo V6
  • Battery                        Li-ion 7.4 kWh
  • Top speed                   330km/h
  • 0 – 100km/h                3.0s
  • 0 – 200km/h                8.3s
  • EV range                     30km