Alfa’s Guiliete Quadrifoglio Verde Cloverleaf struts its stuff through the hot hatch sector with a chin flick to flamboyant rivals, the Golf Gti, Ford Focus ST and the Renault Megane Sport – but the Alfa has to be the sexiest of the lot.


Fluted into a forward-motion aerodynamic stance with a harmonic of Italian styling, the Guiliete carries striations that corner off at its provocative front-end – note the traditional six-bar shield grill. Our Guiliete came shrouded in Moonlight Pearl and with an air of mystique – shared also with the dark tones of the cabin.


Uber vintage Alcan Tara suede and leather finish – the racing bucket seats hem you like a suit of armour. The overall comfort and feel of a secluded atrium of a five star casino cigar lounge. Harmonising an external device, like a USB or Bluetoothing your cell phone, are a play to interface via the uConnect Infotainment system, thumb referenced on the leather steering wheel. This hatchback certainly has some room in its hatch – showing an affection for family with a proud display of legroom. Embryonic acoustics, filter much of the road noise, but not the 1750 Turbocharged engine, whose musical talents include converting 177kw into a score of roars and burps on every flip of the six-speed TCT gearbox (with paddle shift) – which flare up the front 18” with 340nm of torque. The D.N.A driver settings, allow a choice of traction behaviour, D. Dynamic. N. Natural. A. All-Terrain. N and A are exactly that, N/a with Dynamic being the most relevant, which quickens the physics of the throttle, plunders the exhaust, gives the brakes more lock jaw and sandals the steering – making the Guiliete a Cheetah on the straight but not in the corners. Out at the Rockway Oval Track, the Guiliete’s understeer was a real coldwater affair, bursting from one point of the track to the other was the only highlight. Stability controls,(T/c / VSC and ABS with EBA/EBD), offer a relative margin of car control with the Q2 electronic Diff, being your saving grace when the Guiliete wants to toss its Bolognaise on a sickle blade of a corner.


The Alfa Romeo Guiliete Quadrifoglio Verde Cloverleaf offers something different as far as styling and status quo is concerned. Now before you go and outlay R426 400 for a new Guiliete, there will be many a know-it-all who will question why you did not opt for the cheaper Focus ST, or a slightly more expensive Golf Gti. For which in a very calm manner, you reply, “shaddup your face, I didn’t want a car – I wanted an Alfa Romeo!”

Dean Joseph