We heard rumors last December that McLaren was working on the Senna GTR track model with a limited range of Senna LM. Now the McLaren dealership has taken delivery of one of the cars and it is absolutely amazing in Auckland, New Zealand.

McLaren has not announced Senna LM yet officially.

The Senna LM, as the name implies, is a reference to the famous F1 LM, introduced in the 1990’s by McLaren for its overall success in Le Mans 1995 24 Hours with the F1 GTR race car. Basically, the Senna LM is based on the Senna GTR line, but is legally updated on the roads. It also features several unique elements to differentiate and connect it with the F1 LM from regular Sennas.

The list consists of the retro wheels identical to those used for the F1 GTR, lifts on the front fenders as well as replacement of the transparent panel at the gates and real gold on certain mechanical components. This includes the popular 24 carat gold cover for the thermal shields in the engine bay.

The 4.0-liter twin-turbo-loaded V-8 was also modified to supply the regular Senna’s 789 hp somewhere in the region of 800 hp. Changes to port and polished heads as well as new induction and exhaust systems are included. You will also note the gold highlights in the exhaust tips.

We may see more McLarens designed for the 25th anniversary of the Le Mans victory this year. The British cars engineering firm Lanzante has unveiled a new model known as the LM 25 models, which has been the focus of the winning F1 GTR and is now offering road vehicle conversions for McLaren track cars. Only seven of these are being designed, although the McLaren cars on which they are based is not clear. The 720S Le Mans Edition was only also announced by McLaren.

By Noni Nchwe