Are you looking for a dependable bakkie that will get you from A to B, but also a run around vehicle during the week and off-road on the weekends?

Here is a list of the top bakkies in South Africa.

Toyota Hilux

Ever since it was launched in 1969 the Toyota Hilux has been a firm favourite among bakkie lovers in South Africa. Its contemporary design emphasises its roughness, which makes this vehicle attractive to bakkie buyers. The Hilux is available in a range of styles including the single cab and double cab, with a variety of engine options.

Pricing from R259 600 to R680 400.

Ford Ranger

The new Ranger builds on its ‘tough truck’ character with detail changes to the exterior and interior. Advanced all-new 2.0 Bi-Turbo and Single Turbo engines introduced in conjunction with sophisticated 10-speed automatic transmission. Proven 2.2 and 3.2 TDCi engines remain an integral part of the line-up.

Significant changes to the suspension improve ride comfort and refinement – particularly on rough surfaces. The Ranger also continues to set the trend with new technologies: Semi-automatic Parallel Park Assist, Passive Entry and Start, Innovative EZ lift tailgate which drastically reduces closing effort.

Pricing from R287 100 to R678 200.

Isuzu D-MAX

The Isuzu bakkie ranges from the D-MAX single, double and extended options and remain a popular choice for bakkie lovers in South Africa. With a towing capacity of more than 3000kg this tough as nails workhorse is said to handle any obstacle on-road and off-road.

Pricing from R249 900 to R615 500.

Source: Toyota South Africa

Ford South Africa

Isuzu South Africa

By Wanita Wallace