It’s women’s month and if the idea of purchasing a family SUV ever crosses your mind, it is best to know that a car is not just a car. Women often desire to have an SUV that is able to fulfil a certain purpose while also ensuring that it is perfectly suited to their family needs. However, choosing the right family SUV for city driving can be a tough task that requires in-depth research. The family SUV stable is home to a considerable number of cars and it is worth taking the time to think about. 

Here we look at the things a buyer should consider when buying a family SUV for in city driving. 

Get an SUV that you really want

The first step is to look at is getting an SUV that you really want and not something to pass on time. Since the family SUV will be used mostly for city driving, you need to look for something that will last you whilst also offering you efficiency, spaciousness as well as great driving prowess. South Africa is home to 7 and 5 seater family SUVs, depending on the size of your family. For example, a used Toyota RAV4 can accommodate 5 passengers including the driver and it is priced between R146 900 and R559 995 while a fairly used Mazda CX-5 is priced between R180 000 and R559 900. Then there is the new Haval Jolion which not only has attractive looks but is also infested with great technology. It is priced between R299 900 and R398 900. The Haval H1 as a subcompact SUV is priced between R139 900 and R202 900. Even though a seven-seater SUV such as the Toyota Fortuner may be a costly option, it is worth looking at.  


The most fundamental thing to consider is space. Yes, this depends on the size of your family and does not necessarily mean you have to consider bigger SUVs with seven seats. Even cars with five seats have impressive boot space, leg and headroom. If there are kids involved, one needs to think of space for prams, car seats and school bags. If you decide to go for a seven-seater, bear in mind that the third row of seats is mostly best left for children since it is cramped back there. Also, look for flexible options such as folding and easy access to the last row. 

Safety is ideal 

Often overlooked, safety remains a priority at all times so make sure the used family SUV you want to purchase has safety rest assured. Do your research about the SUV’s score in crash tests and passenger protection. Even if it is a city SUV, insist on buying a car that has excellent scores in the safety stable whether it is an active or passive safety system that helps prevent collisions. 

Interior trim

If there are kids involved, then consider having an interior trim that is suitable for children simply because children can be messy. Our advice to you would be to get a dark interior upholstery that is even easier to clean. Cloth interior trim isn’t recommended as it can be difficult to clean. 

Entertainment technology 

Even if it means using the SUV for city driving, you do not want your family to get bored whilst navigating through the city traffic. Consider integrated seat-back tablets, USB ports, DVD players and WiFi hotspots. Some of these come factory fitted while others can be fitted at an aftermarket facility. 

Fuel economy

The market is dominated by SUVs that are frugal yet others not so much. Do proper research and scout for an efficient SUV that will save you some serious money in the long run. If your budget allows, get a diesel variant, although, this can be problematic primarily when driven at low speeds in and around the urban area. Petrol engines aren’t as frugal as their diesel counterpart but they are perfect as run around cars. 

VehicleFuel EconomyRunning CostsPrice UsedPrice New
Kia Seltos   Between 5.7 and 6.9 L/100KmRelatively LowBetween R329 900 and R495 995Between 399 995 and R495 995
Hyundai TucsonBetween 7.9 and 8.6l/100kmRelatively LowBetween R69 995 and R699 900Between R482 500 and R751 500
Toyota RAV4  Between 6.3L and 8.0l/100 kmRelatively low between R146 900 and R559 995Between R482 400 and R669 400  
Volkswagen T-Cross Between 4.9l and 6.9L/100km. Relatively low Between R349 995 000 and R449 995Between R347 100 and R458 000 
Mazda CX-5  Between 6.9L and 7.3l/100km Relatively LowBetween R179 950 and R499 900 Between R462 300 and R686 200
Haval Jolion   Between 7.5l and 8.3L/100kmRelatively low  Between R299 900 and R398 900Between R299 900 and R398 900
Haval H1   Between 7.2l and 8L/100km Relatively low Between R139 900 and R202 900.   Between 184 900 and R249 000