The VW Tiguan, with over 910,000 units made, became the most popular model in 2019 for both the Volkswagen and Volkswagen Group. Over its lifetime more than six million have been made, and Tiguan is now ready for an upgraded stage with revolutionary driver support and comfort features, including a new interior and exterior design.

The front end is entirely new. A visual connection between Volkswagen Tiguan and bigger models, like the European Touareg and the Atlas Cross sport, is broadened by the new grille which flows into standard LED lights. Centrally on the front is the new Volkswagen badge. The bumpers also underwent a refurbishment.

On the back is the lettering of the “Tiguan” in the center of the VW badge. The “4Motion” lettering has also been redesigned for the all-rotor drive models. On midrange models you can use an updated hands-free Easy Open and Close for the power lift. For every trim line, new wheel designs complement external modifications.

Volkswagen unveiled the new multi-function steering wheel with illuminated tactile islands and sliders in a digital version inside the car. For the automatic climate control functions on midrange models, a completely new touch module is available. In addition, expansive sliders of touch and light are used for fans and temperature control in addition to touch buttons. Functions such as the newly standard heated front seats, rear window defrosting, or the air-conditioning menu can be used with the touch buttons. Under the air conditioning module, the illuminated USB-C ports are located.

The USA is powered by a state-of-the-art version of TSI ® 4-cylinder engine EA888. In order to give an excellent combination of power, efficiency and responsiveness, this variant of the four-cylinder turbotanical EA888 direct injection engine uses a novel modification to the traditional 4-stroke process. The so-called Budack cycle is implemented in order to increase combustion efficiency. The output is 184 horsepower which kicks at 4,400 to 6,000 rpm. Most 221 lb-ft torques are available between 1.600 and 4.360 rpm. The standard eight-speed automatic transmission and Start / Stop system, to improve fuel efficiency, are available in all Tiguan models.

With so many interesting specs, this SUV should definitely be on your list of options

By Noni Nchwe