While we’re doing our part to flatten the curve with self-distance and self-isolation in the coronavirus pandemic in South Africa, why not take this opportunity to learn something new?

In view of the Covid 19 pandemic, the latest lesson is very significant as the virus can be transmitted easily in our cars to the frequently touched floor. But it is a very good idea to make sure you clean your vehicle, even though you just need your vehicle to take advantage of critical services during lockdown.

If coronavirus comes on board, nothing can happen to your car, truck or SUV. Yet the car can be a hotbed of coronavirus and other pathogens and germs when not properly cleaned. That’s why we recommend that the interior of your car and any other area that could be seen as a high contact area is cleaned with hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes. A healthy idea is to scrub places you regularly visit and sanitize your hands every hour.

We recommend that you do not store a big hand sanitizer pump bottle in your vehicle. The heat increase can “boil” the alcohol in the sanitizer, causing the bottle to expand. In addition, this can lead to leakage and a mess requiring significant cleaning work. It is a smart idea, whether at home, office or on the road, to bring a more manageable bottle on or around your personal belongings.

We suggest you spend additional time on the wheel. Due to all the holes and gaps on the rim and spokes, the steering wheel has four times more germs than the typical toilet seat. For this purpose, we recommend that you clean any surface on the steering wheel using disinfecting wipes. These include redundant radio control, voice control, cruise control, steering and paddle shift levers. These include: And don’t skip the height of the transmission selector or stalks of the switch indicator.

Clean the armrests, display screens, cup-holes, cubbyholes, air conditioner shutters and even door handles.

Some tips and bits of advice on car cleaning should help keep your vehicle germs safe rather than just leaving it for yourself. No cleaning will not guarantee that you will catch the coronavirus, but you can help reduce the risk of infection or spread through these suggestions. The advantage is that the new location of your car is safe.

By Noni Nchwe