Toyota Corolla

Traditionally speaking, Toyota designs are sometimes perceived as lacking originality or style. Opting for functionality, reliability, but still with a kind of benign luxury.

Toyota is certainly distorting that perception, with their latest model – the Corolla Prestige.

Competition is fierce in this particular vehicle segment. Toyota, although a top seller, other Asian car manufacturers are closing in on Toyota’s bread and butter segment. The compact family sedan – reliable, affordable and economical. But Korean rivals, Kia and Hyundai have some catching up to do, with over 1 million Corollas units produced up to November 2013 – 980 000 were sold in South Africa.

The Corolla Prestige, is one of Toyota’s cutting edge designs. Being true to Toyotas values of functionality, quality and form – every door panel, over hang, windscreen angle of the Corolla’s body work has engineered reasoning behind it.

Technologically advanced light weight, composite, tensile steel – High Impact Absorbent Material, combined with load paths that distribute impact force around the shell of the cabin, minimising cabin distortion, protecting vehicle occupants in case of a side or front collision – synergised with driver, front passenger and side airbags, 6 in total. All round Emergency Locking Retractor seat belts, Whiplash Lessening front seats in the event of a rear collision. E.B.D, A.B.S, B.A.S keep the Prestige’s 16” tyres mated to the tarmac with a sigh of relief as you negotiate that unanticipated hair pin bend.

Aerodynamic curves, soft lines and distinctive shape. A visually eye catching front, the horizontal chrome barred front grill, elongate towards stunning head lamp clusters with sharp angles towards the slightly flared wheel arches– all accentuate the steep bonnet line slopping up towards the windscreen, continuing along a low roof line all converge onto the rear of the vehicle. These practical aesthetics, a 5mm suspension drop, reduce the Corolla’s drag co-efficiency from 29 Cdo to 27 Cdo; well insulated interior, minimal panel gaps, eliminate road/cabin noise as well as reducing fuel consumption and give the Corolla a Co2 emission green score of 119.

Driving the Prestige is both delightful and enjoyable – Offering its owner a sense of pride and confidence on every level. Cruise the highways at the legal limit of 120Km/h, at just over 2000RPM’s in 6th gear or anywhere in the urban jungle – the Corolla Prestige facilitates any driving environment or driving style.

Off the line starts, pick up the revs, slowly release the clutch – and accelerate.
Let the needle climb to 3500 RPM’s (not more than that) and experience 205Nm of turbo-diesel surge, pick your line for a tight corner set up, hold throttle and let the Prestige boast her handling skills – and which point your conscience speaks and you hear “60Km/h!” a gentle tap of the break pedal and the A.B.S quickly realign your law abiding values.

The interior is a pristine trim with light luxurious finishes – a sense of well-being and ergonomic comfort. A 100mm extension to the wheel base, not much on the outside, but worlds apart on the inside. With the additional space on the interior, occupants won’t be grinding their teeth in anticipation of an uncomfortable journey – so you’re not going to be sitting on your passenger’s lap or have them kneading their knees in your back. Glossy piano-black instrument panels, soft-touch material on the dash board and chromed door handles and speedometer edging. Horizontal lines turn vertical on the touch screen multi-functional/informational display unit, Climate control switches, a finger length away from the chrome beaded gear knob – cultured, matured innovation which can only be appreciated when you test drive the new Corolla Prestige 1.4D. Visit your nearest dealership today.

Engine: 4-cyl, 1.4-litre turbo-diesel
Gearbox: 6-speed manual
Power: 66kW @ 3800rpm
Torque: 205Nm @ 1800 – 2800rpm
0-100km/h (claimed): 12.5 seconds
Top speed (claimed): 180km/h
Consumption (claimed): 4.5 l/100km (55L fuel tank)
452L Luggage Capacity
Air conditioning/Climate Control
Electric Windows
Radio/Front Loader CD Shuttle (Touch Screen Multifunction Display)
U.S.B / AUX and Bluetooth connectivity.
Immobiliser and Alarm
Price: R262 500
Warranty: 3-year/100 000km
Service plan: 5-year/90 000km

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Interior Corolla

Interior Corolla