If everyone were asked the question “What do you want?”, majority would say money. It makes the world go round, right? Perhaps the other answer would be a flashy sports car of sorts. The Toyota Corolla Quest is definitely far from a sports car, but it will help you save more money.

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On the styling front there is not much to write home about. There are no flashy trinkets or embellishments. It is very similar to most of the Corolla models, except for the 1.4D-4D; that fits in a lot better with the new age vehicles.Toyota Quest Front Left Three - Surf4cars

With its proven foundation, the Corolla Quest is a simple but pleasant car to drive. The interior is spacious with fabric upholstered seats. The dashboard is very basic – perhaps a little too basic. There isn’t even Bluetooth which one would expect in a 2014 model. Buyers wanting transport without frills or gimmicks will appreciate this. It does feel sturdy, though, and its road manners are decent. It doesn’t pretend to be anything it’s not.

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The 1.6-litre engine packing 90kW and 154Nm of torque won’t win any races and you can really feel that its full-sized sedan. This is not the sort of car you would impress your friends with, but it would make a reliable chariot to cart the kids to and from soccer practice. It has adequate storage space which is always handy for younger children.Toyota Quest Rear Side - Surf4cars

The Quest will also deliver on safety. Dual front airbags, air-conditioning, central locking and anti-lock brakes are thrown in across the board. But the Plus model grade benefits from an audio system with a USB port as well as alloy wheels and colour-coding. Opt for the basic Quest and you will have to resort to singing; although it does come pre-wired to accept an audio device and speakers. The radio does look a tad old fashioned in the Plus. But considering that you are not paying more than R200 000 for this car, those points are forgivable.

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The Toyota Corolla Quest intends to give buyers a C-segment sedan for B-segment hatchback money. It starts at R174 900 for the basic model, R197 900 for the Quest Plus and R198 900 if you want an automatic transmission. Included is a three-year/100 000-kilometre warranty and a three-year/45 000-kilometre service plan. For buyers wanting simplicity and practical merits such as spaciousness, minimal running costs and the sound resale value associated with the badge, the Quest seems like a clear winner.