Toyota and Panasonic are working together to develop technology that will enable users to control home appliances from their vehicles. The idea here is to help people avoid those “oh no” moments: when they have forgotten to switch off certain household gadgets like the air-conditioning.

Toyota Graphic - Surf4cars

The technology is being presented at the Smart Community Japan 2014 exhibition in Tokyo this month. And the service will also be launched on the Japanese market in the second half of this year. According to Toyota, it could be rolled out to other markets as well. In a city like Tokyo with so-called “smart homes” boasting technology that integrates into modern lifestyles, it seems like a winning plan. We think it might take a while for this to happen locally.

Toyota Aygo Front - Surf4cars

The two companies agreed a year ago to co-develop services that link cars to home appliances. They developed an interface to link their services and laid the groundwork for a system that promises to make lives easier and convenient. Here is one example of how it will work. An application linked to the vehicle will alert the user if he or she left the air-conditioner on. And it will enable them to turn it on remotely before returning home. But this is only the beginning. Toyota and Panasonic promise great things in the near future.