Toyota has published a short video describing how the hot GR Yaris has been assembled in its Motomachi production plant.

The GR Yaris Toyota looks like a cool, hot sedan, but the company is not prepared to take it early to North America. The good news is that it is possible that future GR models will be available in the USA. The auto manufacturer shows the assembly line in a recently released video which builds the GR Yaris and is also possibly supplying future performance vehicles.

The video shows the hot hatch on a new row dedicated to the GR sports cars, posted to Toyota’s YouTube channel earlier in June 2020. The Japanese company notes that the bottom and assembly lines are composed of “number of cells connected by automated guided vehicles” rather than the traditional conveyor system.

“A large number of manual processes for which Toyota uses an expert team” is required for the development of each vehicle. Fabric design and workforce skills allow highly precise assembly of very rigid vehicle components to standards that are difficult to achieve in standard production lines.

The new GR Yaris uses a 1,6-litre, turbocharged, 3-cylinder petroleum engine with a European spectrum of 192 kW/360 NM and a Japanese rating of 200 kW/370 NM. Toyota says that in “less than 5,5 seconds” the hot hatch will reach 100 km/h from standstill.

Not only is a GR Yaris the regular model with a few distinct components, but there is an additional 36 feet (11 metres) of structural adhesive and 200 extra welds to enhance rigidity, for example. Alignment of every car is changed by the technicians.

It is rumored that Corolla and C-HR are the next vehicles to receive GR attention. Both could be fun with the 1,6 liter three-cylinder turbocharged 1,6-cylinders (192 kilowatts) and 266 pound-feet (360 Newton-metres) of the GR Yaris. In addition, the hot hatch has an all-wheel-drive system with three modes that allows owners to pick the torque division.

GR is able to handle low, multi-type production, without compromising efficiency with its new production methods. While the argument is difficult to make, it gives the notion that GR Yaris is not an exclusive company more credence. Since investing in setting up this production line, it would not make any sense to abandon the project so quickly.

Toyota South Africa recently announced to a well-known motor publication that the new three-door GR Yaris hot hatch was “probable” to be launched locally only in 2021. 

By Noni Nchwe