Daring is the right adjective. And it was used liberally in Toyota‘s official announcement of this; the FT-1 Concept. Those looks are bound to divide opinion. But it’s undeniable that the radical styling departs from anything we’ve ever known from the conservative Japanese automaker.

Toyota FT-1 Front Left - Surf4cars

Not much has been said about power; but Toyota confirms that it employs a front engine rear-wheel drive configuration. Aerodynamics are, naturally a high point here. The exterior is said to have been inspired by a racing car – but also purportedly infuses some elements of the classic 2000GT.

Toyota FT-1 Rear Side - Surf4cars

Inside the driver will find an F1-style wheel and a head-up display. The A-pillars have been pushed as far pack as possible, to increase cornering visibility. Even if this isn’t a glimpse of a Supra successor as many hopefully speculate, it’s a sign of good things to come. Toyota did say that products with “more energy and passion” are on the cards.