Fast and frugal: a hard balancing act to achieve when creating a sports car. Small volume British manufacturer Trident believes they have the answer. The new Iceni sports car boasts a top speed of over 300km/h and sips bio-diesel.

Trident Iceni Front Side - Surf4cars

Order books have just opened and according to them, demand is high around the globe. The Iceni range comprises an array of body formats; including the Magna fastback and the Venturer which is roomier. This is bespoke motoring at its finest and each model can be tailored to even the most pedantic of tastes, according to Iceni.

Trident Iceni Side - Surf4cars

The automaker purports an incredible driving range of 3220 kilometres on a single tank, thanks to “torque multiplication” technology. Power comes from a 6.6-litre V8 engine and it’s able to propel the Trident to 100km/h from standstill in around 3.7 seconds.

Trident Iceni Rear Side - Surf4cars

Since there’s no official Trident distributor in South Africa, you’d have to embark on your own mission to get one into the country. Prices start at £95 978 which translates into a hefty R1 702 070. Still, the novelty of blowing away one of its mainstream rivals at a set of traffic lights – and still being able to make the Johannesburg to Cape Town trip on one tank – would be priceless.