The new Audi A8 and S8 will make its debut at the Frankfurt motor show. It’s lighter, looks meaner and naturally, Audi has made it even greener.

Audi picture 1

Lightness was added into the mix; the A8 is almost entirely aluminium and tweaks on the updated model include redesigned front and tail-lamps as well as a hood “finessed” to look sharper. Choice adjectives for what will undoubtedly be a choice car.

Those lights are something to get excited about. They’re intelligent enough to integrate with the navigation system’s route data: preparing for illumination of corners, dimming or brightening according to traffic conditions. There are 25 individual LEDs on either units. The indicator sections have 18 LEDs, arranged in a strip, “subdivided into seven blocks”. As meticulous as you’d expect from Audi, then.

Audi picture 2

Audi South Africa has yet to release details on the engine offerings we’ll receive, but there are seven in total.  The flagship A8 L W12 now gets cylinder shut-off technology. Instead of using all 12 cylinders all the time, it’ll use half of those when your right foot is employed lightly.

Audi picture 3

New trims and colour combinations are available for the interior. And a system that will certainly be welcomed by your chauffeur is the park assist. It steers the lengthy saloon into your bay of choice.