V90 Cross Country: Built for Our Roads

V90 Cross Country: Built for Our Roads

There was a time when sporting a car with raised suspension, four-wheel-drive and perhaps some extra plastic covering around the wheel arches was the height of automotive cleverness. Especially when the idea was born in the 90’s where South Africans with this thought in mind aspired to take their cars off road. And so, with these enthusiasms and adventurous ideas, manufacturers like Audi, Subaru and Volvo was among the first to float the idea of Cross Countrys’ and SUV’s.

According to well established Volvo dealerships and Volvo Enthusiasts in SA, those who are more accustomed to traditional Volvo Cross Country platforms might be surprised by how much they would enjoy the new V90. And for those openly wishing to off road, it provides plentiful protection to the painted bodywork. Canine passengers may feel they’re downsizing, especially if they have memories of the more vertical window in older Volvo’s.

Passenger space is brilliant, with a huge amount of legroom in the back, and ample head and elbow room all round. There are some useful cubbies and considerable amounts of door storage space up front, plus a large glove compartment. The V90 is certainly more technologically advanced with its up to date infotainment system and accessible buttons and controls within easy reach of the driver or passenger. There’s also an Off-Road mode for the drive select and hill descent control, which South Africans can enjoy whilst trying to spot the big five in any one of our vast nature reserves.

According to reliable sources the V90 offers a wonderfully calming atmosphere and probably the best of all the latest 90-series cars. With more ride height, its comfier than a regular V90, and with light, effortless steering and lots of suspension travel, “you seem to glide about the place”. Very rough urban bumps and Johannesburg’s’ potholes does not jar through the seats even a slight bit, but this is far less firmly sprung than just about every other executive car you can buy. That’s not to say that it is turtle like when you do get to an interesting piece of road with no kids or baggage on board, no, apparently, it certainly handles impressively well and should you find yourself far from home on a dreadfully wet and rainy night this would provide some brisk yet stress-relieving transport home. Imaginably more important than all of that is just how quiet and refined the V90 is – you’ll barely know the engine is there half the time, this being ideal when it’s a diesel.

With a plush ride, this Volvo is a comfortable all-day cruiser. Because of this characteristic, most drivers will enjoy what it has to offer as there are no real problems with the way the V90 CC is put together.

By Desh Pillay Bechan