Land Rover is a brand that has been around for many years, with first designs noted to have been in the late forties. The brand has now evolved to something quite different from simply specialising in four-wheel-drive capabilities, and now offers an unparalleled standard of luxury and power. None more so than the new Range Rover Velar.

Land Rover East Rand is managed by Dealer Principal Johan Coetzee, who also functions as a Franchise Executive overseeing nine different dealerships. Having started as a sales representative many years ago, Johan worked his way into management through his characteristic hard work, perseverance and proactive thinking. Known for his commitment to the Land Rover brand, Johan is proud of the East Rand Land Rover dealership where the gorgeous Velar is showcased.

Joe Senekal is the Brand Manager for Land Rover East Rand who has spent the past fifteen years serving the Land Rover brand. From his early days as a rookie salesman, Joe found a deep affinity for this brand and grew to be passionate about promoting the quality and comfort synonymous with it. His passion and drive to be the best at what he does has led to him serving the dealership in management capacity for many years. Joe’s belief that the customer must always come first means that he chooses to focus on establishing long-term relationships with his clients, where his goal is to ensure they are reminded of how valuable they are.

Noting that technological advances have changed the scope of the motoring landscape, Joe adds that the Range Rover Velar is a perfect representation of the digital age we are in. Khaba Mkhize, the Sales Executive for the dealership for the last two years, agrees in the concept that Land Rover have produced a vehicle that has achieved the perfect combination of technologically-packed luxury and powerful DNA in the Velar. Khaba adds that the investment which customers make by purchasing a Land Rover vehicle must not be underestimated in its seriousness, and as such, seeks to ensure his clients are always given accurate, factual and comprehensive information to meet their needs in the best way possible.

The tagline for Land Rover is “Above and Beyond” and with each new vehicle offered by the brand, the manufacturer seems to be surpassing expectations. Madelein Kruger, marketing manager for the brand, states that Land Rover has summarised this concept in the new face-lifted Velar. The attention-grabbing look of the Velar means it garners attention wherever it goes. A tight, streamlined body starts at the new designed front, and extends to a taut rump that gives the impression that it is ready to pounce. Door handles that are flush to the body and an integrated spoiler add to the aerodynamic look and feel of the vehicle. Its bold profile is accentuated by an equally gorgeous interior – easily one of the most beautiful I have seen yet. Luxurious leather is present everywhere, and the cockpit feels enclosed in glass which creates a phenomenal ambience.

Technology feels superior and advanced in the Velar, with unique system displays and controls. A Touch Pro Duo entertainment system integrates two 10-inch high-definition touchscreens for your driving convenience, meaning you can use one for navigation and the other for phone calls or audio controls, at the same time. Add to this a full colour Heads Up Display (on some variants) or as an optional extra, and the cockpit of this vehicle will make you feel as though you are living a few years into the future. Despite all of this, the dashboard looks and feels uncluttered and the design notes imply a quiet, serene driving experience.

Not forgetting the sports nature of the SUV, the Velar boasts V6 and 4-cylinder Ingenium engines which provide effective, responsive and potent performance, whilst remaining environmentally friendly with low carbon emissions. With an 8-speed automatic transmission that has been designed to shift seamlessly at most efficient fuel consumption points, and shift schedules that change intelligently to match your unique driving style, the Velar can produce between 132 and 221 Kw of power, and 430 – 700 Nm of torque – depending on your choice of engine. I would imagine this level of power uses quite a bit of fuel though, so fuel consumption rates may be quite high.

With looks as good as the Velar, it’s hard to imagine it being put onto a dirt road or – even worse – into the bundus to kick up dust and crunch rocks; but its refined looks in no way restrict the off-roading abilities in its DNA. With all-wheel drive and All-Terrain Control, a unique system that was designed to set and maintain a consistent speed in challenging terrains (such as ice, water, mud or slippery grass), the Velar is more than capable of taking on adventurous conditions whilst still giving the driver full control.

Optional extras on the Velar include voice recognition software enabling the driver to maintain focus on the road, whilst interacting intelligently with the vehicle. The idea that driver and passenger safety can be improved through enhanced technologies is an underlying theme seen throughout the design of the Velar and include standard safety features that not only protect passengers in the event of a collision, but also seek to actively prevent accidents from happening.

Released in 4 mind-blowing variants, the entry-level Velar has a starting price of R976 500 and comes standard with sexy 18-inch wheels, LED headlights, flush deployable door handles and rear parking aid. The next level variant, the Velar S ups the ante with perforated grained leather seats, 10-way seat adjustments with driver-memory and Navigation Pro for a starting price of R1 059 800. The third variant, the Velar SE is even more luxurious, with 20-inch wheels, powered gesture tailgate, Interactive Driver Display and the additional Driver and Park Packages for around R1 1150 500. The top of the range Velar HSE is the full house of opulence and boasts 21-inch 5-split-spoke wheels, 20-way adjustable seats with driver and passenger memory, Meridian Surround Sound System with 17 speakers and an extended leather upgrade for the starting price of R1 207 700.

The Land Rover East Rand dealership also has an experienced team who manages the Workshop and Parts department. Abie Smit, the workshop manager has two decades of experience in the industry and can proudly state that this is the best brand to work for. With exceptional quality resulting in much fewer comeback or problems than in other brands, Abie’s team can offer same-day service to clients. Abie’s sunny disposition, quick wit and wonderful attitude have clearly helped him to form great relationships with those around him; emphasised in his professional relationship with parts manager, Herman Roos, who echoes his sentiments of upholding the virtues of honest and factual information being shared in order to maintain the integrity of the brands they serve so passionately.

Having recently marked 70 years of Land Rover, the East Rand dealership celebrated this achievement by showcasing their new models to the local community. For more info click: Land Rover East Rand


Journalist: Desh Bechan

Reporter: Inge Stols

Editor: Belinda Anderson