If you want something more spirited than the already spritely Golf 7 GTI, Volkswagen will cater.

Details of the new Golf R have emerged – and it’s proudly blowing its trumpet as the “fastest Golf yet”.

Golf R 1

It employs a 2-litre, turbocharged engine just like the GTI. But it has a modified cylinder head, exhaust valves, injection valves and turbocharger. The result is 221kW and a 0-100km/h time of around 5.3 seconds, compared with the previous generation’s 5.7 seconds.

Golf R 2

There’s also a new all-wheel drive system. It’s smarter than the old one: the rear axle is decoupled when you’re coasting, meaning lower fuel consumption. But Volkswagen claims it takes a fraction of a second to re-engage, when you want to get up and go.

The Golf R is also 5mm lower than the GTI and if you want, you can have the Adaptive Chassis Control system. Progressive steering reduces the time it takes to lock the steering from left to right.

Golf R 3

Aesthetically, it bears much resemblance to the old one. You still get “R” badges for Africa, daytime-running lights and an R-specific bodykit. You’ll find “smoked” rear lights and four chrome-tipped exhaust pipes. The press photography shows a two-door derivative, but like with the last Golf R, we’re more likely to get the four-door offering.