Having the privilege of doing an overview for another Swedish powerhouse, I once again approached Madelein Kruger for some information on the Volvo XC 60. Madelein Kruger, long-time Marketing Manager for Jaguar, Volvo and Landrover East Rand, is my go-to performance vehicle expert, who is exceptionally well-paced in the industry to effectively promote superb quality vehicles to the public. With incredible charisma, knowledge and an innate ability to relate to people, Madelein is a product specialist who represents the Volvo East Rand dealership very well.

The Volvo philosophy of making people’s lives better, safe and easier is – as always – perfectly personified at the Volvo East Rand Dealership, where the client is always prioritised and their happiness and safety is paramount. Madelein epitomises true caring for clients, and has shown to be exceptionally capable (and intuitive) in her dealings with those that come to this superb Dealership. Madelein offered me an overview of one of Volvo’s best-selling vehicles to date.

The XC 60 is a crossover-SUV that, according to its tagline, is “built for anything”, although the suave, handsome exterior gives the impression of a vehicle designed to chauffer the high-class executive, it is indeed a functional, practical vehicle too. It is suitably impressive to look at though and – to be honest – is one of the nicest-looking SUV’s in this segment, in my opinion. It has class by the bucket load, with a proud and pronounced grille cluster and a tapered rear that is most certainly eye-catching.

The interior is tasteful with a wide range of soft, light leather trim (although the always-popular black is still available) and has many beautiful inlay options. Elegance and technology meet up in the dashboard layout, and the XC 60 is said to offer everything that may be needed for the driver to enjoy his commute (as echoed in the “every detail matters” Volvo philosophy).

Volvo has designed an exceptional cabin which is aimed at maximising Driver control. The Sensus system in the cockpit is the Swedish manufacturers attempt at connecting the vehicle and the driver to the world around them through the stunning tranquil cabin which is fitted with intuitive instruments and controls, that are also easy to use. A multimedia hub exists as a focal point, called the Sensus screen which operates all systems, media and audio programmes and real-time camera relays from all around the car itself.

Safety has been a priority for Volvo since the start of their vehicle manufacturing career in the 1920’s. As pioneers in the field of vehicle safety, Volvo has also been instrumental in the design and implementation of such important safety mechanisms as the three-point safety belt which has, undoubtedly, saved countless lives. This vision and mission remains ingrained in every Volvo produced, and as such, the XC 60 boasts Industry leading cutting-edge safety innovations to do just that.

Volvo cars are equipped to scan the environment around the vehicle, in an attempt to pre-empt dangerous situations where possible. The City Safety system is a low-speed collision avoidance technology that takes over in hazardous situations to intervene in perceived impending collisions. It is also a standard feature in all models and across all variants. Similarly, Pedestrian detection was also developed in house and furthermore assists in enhancing safety.

In terms of the engine of the XC 60, various options are available that incorporate technologies designed to improve drive efficiency, yet lower running costs. To this end, the Drive-E powertrain in the XC 60 combines the lower fuel consumption of a four-cylinder engine with the power and thrust of a 6 or 8 cylinder. The result is a supremely satisfying drive that is agile and responsive, without needing to stop at the pump so often.

With deals for this magnificent vehicle starting at around R643 000, the Volvo XC 60 is on show at Volvo East Rand at present, and is supported by excellent warranties and service plans. It is most certainly worth a test drive; look out for the follow-up article on this in-depth review in the near future, and be sure to pop in to see Madelein for more information.


By Desh Bechan