Being a proud VW supporter for the last 12, I have always felt close to the brand and the reliability it represents. Climbing into my Jetta usually gives me an overwhelming sense of calm familiarity, and from experience, the dependable nature that characterises the brand is what has kept me glued. Similarly, my husband has been a firmly rooted fan – so much so, that I am grinning with delight today, having the opportunity to drive his ultimate Dream Machine – the VW Amarok 2.0 BiTdi.

I was given a thorough introduction to the Amarok by Lindsay Saker Kempton Park, through Eschel Pretorius who has been devoted to serving his clients for the past three years. His passion is unmissable as he introduces me to the comfort and sensible practicality of the vehicle, which – as I eagerly approach – looks as magnificent as its reputation presents. The Amarok is impressive in stature, and gives off an air of majestic confidence.

The interior of the vehicle is slick and well designed, with custom leather seating (which Eschel notes, in this model, heats up at your command) and a modern dashboard that displays a full house of technology and features needed. This includes a stunning media-centre with satellite navigation that is designed to make your life easier, and put you in full control of your driving experience.

The 2-litre diesel engine growls to life and I can feel the power radiating through into my hands. In contrast to the rugged, sturdy build, the vehicle pulls off with surprising gentleness and a delicate response to my touch. I experience genuine delight in the ease of movement, and admittedly also feel a little cheeky at the imposing way the vehicle moves through traffic. With all the needed safety features, this vehicle presents as a fantastic family car that doubles as a bundu-bashing, off-road crashing mean-machine on the side. It is an absolute pleasure to drive, and delivers on every level I had expected it to. Starting at R497 500 for the foundation model (with the gorgeous beast I am driving clocking in at R665 000 with all the stunning extras), the top of the range Amarok sells for R763 600, and includes a monster 3 litre turbo diesel engine. For full details of all the models and pricing, click here.

Back at the dealership, the extremely capable dealership principal, Smita Odhav (who was recently transferred to Kempton Park to take on the responsibility of running a three-pronged service strategy) explains to me why this vehicle – just like the brand – is so popular: generosity, reliability, trust and comfort. All of these elements that are core values to the brand are personified in the vehicle itself, and with honesty I can also testify to these values being evident in every interaction I have had with the staff at Lindsay Saker Kempton Park. The Amarok is generous in its spacious interior, powerful engine and modern features; it is reliable in that the quality of its build, and the excellent after-sales and service teams from Lindsay Saker will be available to your every need; it is trustworthy because the brand was, and is, a name to be reckoned with for its delivery on its promises; and comfort because despite being a brand-new vehicle, climbing into the Amarok – and walking into the Lindsay Saker – is like coming home, every time.

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By Desh Bechan Pillay