At the tail-end of 2017, I spent some time at Lindsay Saker Kempton Park getting to know the popular new VW up! a little more personally. Having been quite taken with the fresh, feisty little car, I am re-asserting the up!’s absolute practicality as a family vehicle, perfect for the busy mom and dad who need a quality car they can rely on.

The first thing that caught my eye about the up! was the unique and crisp design of the vehicle – sharp, sporty lines with a LED daytime running lights, a redesigned front and sleek lines that are rounded off by a really distinctive rear diffuser. The up! oozes funkiness and confidence and gives off the trademark VW glow that makes anything VW stand out. I was told by the team at Lindsay Saker that the up! is a rising star in the motoring industry, most especially making a name for itself in the compact car segment. And with incredible optional extras and optional new wheels (measuring up to 16 inches), this little vehicle is now even more appealing, reaching out to more mature, adventurous markets as well, but fitting the “small-family” niche incredibly well.

Previously earmarked as a perfect vehicle for the first and second year varsity student, the up! is clearly on top of its game when it comes to styling and interior comfort. With printed surfaces for the dashboard styling panel (carbon fibre) and a state-of-the-art ambient lighting feature, the cabin of the up! is surprisingly luxurious. Boasting a leather-clad multi-function steering wheel and gear knob, I found myself quite impressed with the exclusive-looking interior, which throws back to the interior of the VW Golf. I personally liked the chrome-trimmed interior door handles as an added touch, as well as the idea of a heated rear-seat bench in this variant.

The reputation of the up! has spread like wildfire, and even older, more sophisticated audiences have responded enthusiastically: according to the team at Lindsay Saker, the up! is increasing in popularity for the older generation of retired folks who require a comfortable, reliable vehicle with all the bells and whistles, without it costing them an arm and a leg. With incredible fuel consumption (noted at 4.6 litres per 100 kilometres on combined cycle), the 1 litre variant I am driving still provides a great driving experience thanks to its 3-cylinder engine that cranks out 55 kW of power. To me, this sounds like the ideal car for a small family who also have a budget to stick to, but don’t want to compromise on quality when purchasing a vehicle.

Despite being one of the smallest vehicles in the compact car segment, the up! is quite comfortable inside, with ample room for four adults thanks to a longer wheelbase and a forward-mounted engine, the up! would be even more perfectly suited for kids in the back. A 251-litre boot is also impressive for this class, and provides ideal space for school bags, baby bags or a compact stroller. Speaking of which, the 300-watt on-board BeatsAudio sound system, which includes an amplifier, six top-of-the-range speakers and a separate subwoofer is sure to be a huge drawcard for the younger generations, together with a comprehensive infotainment system.

In terms of safety, all variants come standard with ABS, four airbags, and Electronic Stability Control (imperative quality when kids are on board). The drive itself is remarkable – for a smaller engine, this little vehicle delivers a surprising amount of punch. It is nippy and responsive and on the highway, performs beautifully, reaching top speeds comfortably and smoothly.

For more information on this versatile and dynamic little car, the Dealer’s contact details are listed at Lindsay Saker Kempton Park – check it out!


By Desh Bechan