14 years ago, when I got married, I distinctly remember choosing the glorious VW Passat – striking and bold even at that time – to be my wedding car; today I stand in Lindsay Saker Kempton Park, marvelling at the 2017 version of that same vehicle, knowing already that it would be a firm favourite on my list.

Henry Krugel, who joined Lindsay Saker Kempton Park a little less than a year ago, is enthusiastic about VW vehicles (sharing with typical youthful excitement how the Golf R7.5 is his favourite as it knocks down 0-100 in 5.7 seconds) and with a long history within motoring, he believes that VW is exactly where he belongs. He shares with me his knowledge and passion about the 2.0 TDI Executive R-line Passat I am test driving (at the auspicious time of Diwali too!) and likens the luxury of the vehicle to that of a private jet. I grin…

…and grin some more. Henry is spot on with his comparison. The Passat is magnificent on the outside, with elegant and chic lines that speak of sophistication and refinement, drawing the eye across it’s shapely frame. I feel awash with nostalgia as I climb into the vehicle, remembering being driven to my in-law’s home for my big day, and at once feel a sense of comforting familiarity, safety and reliability, underscored by a sense of luxurious indulgence, and for a brief moment I feel as though I should be driven around in this car by a chauffeur, languishing in the back like Royalty.

Yet I don’t want to miss out on the driving experience – and what an experience it was. The Passat takes off with calm, sure acceleration, pulling ahead as though it were the Queen of the road. Despite a big, powerful engine (low-revs and high-torque, which was pleasant), I am told by Henry that the Passat averages a mere 5 litres per 100 kilometres, which I particularly like, as it plays off against the feeling of luxury.

The lay out of the dashboard and controls also flows is smooth horizontal lines, with controls set out ergonomically and with forethought. I feel at comfortably surrounded by luxury, which is something I have now come to expect from the incredibly attentive VW brand. I loved every minute spent in this vehicle, from is fluid handling and prompt reactions to the assertive way it accelerated – it felt like a perfect fit for me.

Back at the dealer in Kempton Park, Henry clearly enjoyed the fact that I was experiencing the cream of the crop. With incredible staff support and service, Lindsay Saker Kempton Park do well to present the Passat (and the rest of their incredible range) with pride.

The Dealer’s contact details are listed on Lindsay Saker Kempton Park


By Desh Pillay Bechan