The last few months have proven to be most exciting for Volkswagen as a brand, and similarly, for the Lindsay Saker Kempton Park dealership. Hosting me most recently for the launch of the beautiful new Polo Vivo and surprising me with a test-drive of the new Jetta 6, I couldn’t possibly be more excited about previewing the VW Tiguan for this Dealership.

The new Dealer Principal at Lindsay Saker, Ashley Gengiah, has a reputation in the industry for his vast knowledge that spans across management aspects, sales and client-care. Having worked with him in the past, we share the commonality that we are both avid VW fans; his passion for the VW dealership is founded on the belief that a diverse and dynamic team, who are encouraged to be kind and respectful as a general course of action, naturally cater perfectly to each unique client.

The vivacious Sales Manager Chantel Gideon, who previously released the Jetta 6 to me, is known to be a passionate saleswoman whose first love is for trucks of all things (she notes that she believes she may have diesel in her veins), but the truth is that she seems to have been born and bred for the motoring industry. Following in her father’s footsteps after he served 45 years in the industry, Chantel’s goal for herself includes using her vast knowledge to grow and head up a powerful dealership one day.

Now looking at the Tiguan TSI, I am intrigued by whispers that I have heard stating that this is actually a performance vehicle masquerading as a crossover SUV. In anticipation of an actual test drive, I was given the opportunity to preview the vehicle recently. With it’s dashing, handsome looks, the Tiguan most assuredly has caught the eye of nearly every petrol-head (family included) I know. It has the grounded, solid confidence of an SUV, with the sporty 19- or 20-inch alloy wheels depending on the variant you choose. Yet the stylish elegance of the fluid VW lines is present that remind me of the Golf 7’s athleticism, and – upon further investigation – I am told the same engine that powers the formidable Golf 7 GTI is present in the Tiguan, thus also kicking out equal power (162 kW and 350 Nm respectively).

The German-engineered DSG transmission boasts a total of seven gears and a heavier body than the Golf 7, yet the Tiguan is still apparently capable of knocking back 0-100 kilometres per hour in less than 7 seconds (6.5 to be exact). With superior traction, handling and drive experience (as compared to others in it’s class, not directly to the agile sprinter that is the Golf 7), the Tiguan is a disarming in it’s almost sweetly-SUV-like appearance. Capable of being a fantastic family vehicle, the Tiguan has the secret weapon under it’s bonnet which will – undoubtedly – fan the flames of the performance vehicle die-hards too.

Kuben Chetty, Sales Manager at Lindsay Saker, anticipates a fantastic year ahead; having already released the new Polo to rave reviews, a new Limited Edition Beetle is set to be released in the second or third quarter, as well as a brand new Touareg in the third quarter, and the much-anticipated Premium VW, the Arteon which is set to hit our streets later this year. With excitement about the year ahead, I am also earnestly looking forward to the chance to drive the enigma that is the Tiguan in the near future.

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By Desh Bechan