Practical estate cars may not make for great wingmen. According to studies conducted by Europcar, most people would rather leave the practical cars for practical tasks and hire a prestige vehicle to leave a lasting impression on a date. Only 1% of respondents said that they would choose an estate car when hiring for a special day. We would like to meet those people.

At 32%, prestige vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz topped the list for cars that made the best impression. Sports cars and coup├ęs also made the top choice to impress more than 1 in 5 motorists.

Mercedes Benz CLK

Not surprisingly, the younger generation of motorists are particularly critical when it comes to driving the right car. Almost a quarter (23%) of people between the ages of 25 and 34 said that cars are an important factor to consider when meeting a potential partner. There is hope, though, as almost half (49%) of respondents admitted that a winning smile is a lot more important than wheels.

Ford Mustang

When it comes to making a lasting impression, over 1 in 4 women prefer the space and celebrity appeal of a limo, whilst a quarter of men opt for the thrill and instant cool factor of a sports car. In a world where status outweighs necessity, it makes sense that a better car means a better chance at a second date.