We choose a type of car to suit our lifestyle choices. Find out what your choice says about you:


Hatchbacks attract a variety of personality types from the young and trendy to the on-the-go, practical type of person. Impressing others is not what you are looking for but getting from A to B is number one on your priority list.


You are all about stability and realism. Image is not important to you, but you do like comfort and space.


You enjoy your life to the fullest and you are a go-getter who lives a comfortable life. New adventures and exotic places are at the top of your list.


You don’t like to be limited, be it from your job, your home or your car. You prefer larger cars that are both spacious and luxurious. You are the adventurous type, so travelling is on your list of weekend plans.


Most people would assume that this is a “mom car”, but nowadays this is not always the case. You might not be a parent with a big family, but if you are, then you lead a very fast-paced lifestyle and barely find time for yourself.

Sports car

You love driving just for the sake of it. If you could you would live in your car. You are a born leader and a serious risk taker, which is probably how you got the car in the first place.

What about car colour? 

According to Colour Psychologist, M. Farouk Radwan, this is what your car colour says about you:


Black refers to people who can’t be easily manipulated and who are mysterious (a part of their personality might be hidden).

Dark Blue

These vehicle owners are loyal, calm and practical. They drive carefully and find themselves staying clear of speeding fines.


These drivers are energetic, fast drivers and are considered show offs who want to get people’s attention.


White would normally reflect innocence and purity, however when it comes to cars it is believed that it’s the choice of status seeking extroverts.


If calm and cool defines your personality, then silver is your car colour. They are also unlikely to engage in car accidents. So, your car might just be a version of you on wheels!

By Wanita Wallace