Here is a clue! It is the same colour as our rainy winter season…”yes you guessed it” …the most popular car colour in the U.K is grey! Which it has been since 2018. Notwithstanding black was the most popular car colour in 2017.

The most popular car colours during the sixties and seventies was: continental orange, guards-red, arrow-blue, British Racing Green, Black Velvet, Ferrari Fly Yellow – et cetera. Flambouyant colours that heralded a particular era in automotive history. While I was hoping for a brighter future in 2020, “excuse the pun,” that car-buyers would nominate for more psychedelic hues of illuminous green or fluorescent yellow would have been the favourite car colour of choice. Considering the two top-selling vehicles in 2019 were the Ford Fiesta and the VW Golf – two-thirds of vehicle sales, buyers selected the colour grey. Notwithstanding, there is some method in the sadness when it comes to purchasing a grey or neutral colour vehicle.  Whereby silver, white or black are associated with luxury, and social status, silver and grey hues reveal less dirt and water-spots. Furthermore, your vehicle colour choice gives insight about your personality; but did you know a car’s colour also affects your chances of being in an accident? Inasmuch as grey is the most popular vehicle colour in the U.K – it is also the most dangerous colour. Followed by black, silver, blue, red and green. Vehicle accident research collected over a ten-year period noticed the colour connection based on accident victim reports, “I didn’t see her,” or “he all of a sudden appeared out of nowhere!” That is because grey, black, silver, blue, red and green absorb light in a particular way and blend-in with much of the environment’s colour spectrum. Which all has to do with how much our eyes are exposed to these surrounding colour variations. Grey clouds, blue sky, black road-surface, red road-traffic signs as well as green-belts of trees, bushes and grass. Apparently, these environmental nuances make it less likely for our eyes to spot a green car suddenly darting-out from a concealed side-road camouflaged by a greenery of vegetation or while attempting to cross a busy road – staring down a plateau of black tarmac you veer-out in-front of an on-coming black Mercedes AMG C63 S; as grey is the most popular vehicle colour in the U.K, contrast that with grey gloomy weather, poor visibility and a grey VW Golf obscured in the blind-spot of your left side-view mirror.
Which brings me to the best part! The safest vehicle colour you can choose, which also happens to be my favourite car colour – is white!

Written By Dean Joseph