Growing up, I remember looking at shoddily tinted windows on the cars around me; cracking and peeling, the purple film always gave me the impression that something dodgy was going on in and around said car. As an adult, however, I learned that not only is tinting (now elegantly and carefully done) a stunning addition to your vehicle, but also plays a role in safety, and ultimately the care of your vehicle too.

Smash and Grab Tinting: In our very crime-bereft country, most of us have experienced a smash-and-grab incident, or have a family member who has. Nowadays, Smash and Grab tinting is installed on cars at the dealership prior to delivery of your vehicle. This is a great way to have some additional protection for those times you are stationary and vulnerable to opportunistic thieves who want to break your window and grab you belongings. While not bullet-proof by any manner of means, this is one step in the direction of protecting yourself and your possessions.

Privacy: If, like me, you are a somewhat more private individual, window tinting is a great way of keeping a low profile. It also prevents prying eyes from easily seeing into the vehicle and noticing what is lying around inside your vehicle. I prefer not to have my personal belongings on display in general, and tinting is a great way of adding protection in this respect.

Sun Protection: UV rays and resulting heat from the sun can have a really damaging effect on your upholstery. Tinting your vehicle windows will help to prevent the heat warping, fading and cracking your interior, and causing brittle and ugly materials inside the cabin. Furthermore, the full effect of a blistering bum-burn on a leather seat from a few hours in the South African sun can be mitigated through good quality window tinting. Preventing as much as 90% of UV ray damage, tinting also has the great benefit of reducing the heat in the vehicle by up to 60%. Taking it one step further, direct sunlight is also directly responsible for skin damage leading to cancers and accelerated aging. By reducing UV damage through effective window tint, you are not only preventing damage to your vehicle, but also to yourself!

Better Driving: The added bonus of reducing intense sunlight is your ability to also drive without glare in your eyes or blinding flashes from reflections. Window tinting can effectively shield your eyes and tone down glare so that you are safe and at ease behind the wheel.

Street Cred: Let’s face it, some cars just look so much sexier with tinted windows! There’s something about tinted windows that just amps up a vehicles appeal (to me, at least), especially if it is done well.

By Desh Bechan