Used audi q2 For Sale

58 369 km | Automatic
Joburg West
R 349 900

5 854 km | Automatic
R 449 995

2 500 km | Automatic
Joburg North
R 509 900

2 500 km | Automatic
Joburg North
R 529 900


Used Audi Q2 For Sale

Audi Q2 Cars For Sale

The Audi Q2 car is the mini SUV from Audi, first launched in 2016. Adhering to the over-all Audi design-language, the Q2 has a slanting front design, much like the other models in the A-series. It is a handsome look with prominent grille, slightly higher ground clearance, and an all-round look of capability with bold styling and sporty interior.

The interior is undeniably Audi quality. Quality fabrics, soft plastic surfaces, and well-designed special cabin make for a luxury feel. The Used Audi Q2 For Sale comes standard with a 7.0-inch screen, user-friendly infotainment system, and easy to use dials and controls. All models are fitted with alloy wheels, DAB radio, air conditioning, and Apple CarPlay, as well as Android Auto. There is a host of optional extras, including satellite navigation and a 12.3-inch screen and more. Front seats are comfortable, although, at the back, tall adults might find it slightly cramped. The driver's seat has multiple adjustments but is low in comparison to full four-wheel-drive vehicles. Boot size is acceptable, thanks to the square shape. The Quattro option has limited boot space because the floor's height cannot be adjusted.

Engine options are between three petrol and two diesel configurations with Quattro four-wheel as an optional extra on the 2.0litre petrol and diesel engines. The engines are all nippy; even the entry-level 1.0litre TFSI three-cylinder petrol is a dynamic enough power output for city driving. The 1,4 TSFI petrol is, however, the better option for long-distance traveling, and the 2.0TDI diesel the more refined of the 2 – litre options.

Being a small SUV, most versions of the Audi Q2 Car For Sale is reasonable to maintain as second-hand options compared to more traditional competitors. Pricing varies depending on mileage and condition. Fuel economy-wise, the best choice in petrol is the 1.0TSFI petrol claiming 23.5km per litre while the 2.0 TFSI petrol is the heaviest consumer at around 18km per litre, although it has the added benefit of Quattro four-wheel drive capability.

Best consumption is that of the 1.6 TDI diesel with a recorded 27km per litre, when looking at the more powerful 2.0 TDI with Quattro four-wheel drive, consumption goes up to 25km per litre.

The used Audi Q2 for sale is a smart option for a capable SUV that will spend most of its time in the city between school runs and shopping, although the four-wheel-drive option offers superb handling on all surfaces and in all types of weather.

If you ever need a second hand or pre-owned Audi Q2, browse through our list of Audi Q2 and make your purchase today!