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Taxi Strike Brings Public Transport To A Halt

The traffic in Gauteng has been disrupted by a provincial taxi strike on Monday morning, as minibuses refuse to transpor...

The New McLaren Senna Revealed

We heard rumors last December that McLaren was working on the Senna GTR track model with a limited range of Senna LM. No...

Toyota GR Yaris Is Coming To South African Shores

The GR Yaris Toyota looks like a cool, hot sedan, but the company is not prepared to take it early to North America. The...

Hyundai Plans To Keep its Hot Manual Hatch

Manual hot hatch populations are decreasing, which is no wonder, as demand for three-pedal cars is decreasing. Volkswage...

Thinking of Buying an SUV? How About The 2019 VW Tiguan?

The VW Tiguan, with over 910,000 units made, became the most popular model in 2019 for both the Volkswagen and Volkswage...

Petrol Prices Set To Increase

With fuel prices expected to increase sharply at midnight, numerous cash-strapped South Africans are trying to fill thei...

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