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Guide for Sellers
    • Remember a Clean Car is a healthy car!! Our Team highly recommends that your either Valet your car or give a super-duper wash before taking it for an assessment.

    • Ensure that you are prepared to let go of your dream machine by having the following documents with you for a safe and hassle-free hand over.

    1. Identity Document.
    2. Proof of residence.
    3. Vehicle Natis document.
    4. Banking details.
    • Your price will be determined by how you have looked after your Vehicle over the years. Dealers normally purchase cars based on mechanical history, interior and exterior condition. A big bonus would be an accident free status.

    • The above will assist on Offers, anywhere below trade and retail prices within the market, however, please understand that dealers need to cover overheads and still make profit.

    • Be open to offers on your vehicle and allow your dream machine to move on in life by appreciating the service she provided over the years-allow your car to keep giving pleasant memories to the next owner.