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244 884 km | Automatic
R 119 900

253 000 km | Automatic
R 149 500

156 000 km | Automatic
Joburg East
R 279 900

174 000 km | Automatic
R 329 990

54 000 km | Automatic
R 449 900

98 780 km | Automatic
R 549 900

106 000 km | Automatic
R 549 900

120 000 km | Automatic
Cape Town
R 549 950

74 560 km | Automatic
R 619 900

Used Audi Q7 3.0TDI Quattro Kwazulu Natal View Car Private Sale
10 800 km | Manual
R 1 120 000


Used Audi Q7 for Sale

Audi Q7 Cars for Sale

The Audi Q7 car is the mid-size luxury SUV offered by Audi. A familiar sight on South African roads, the Q7 was launched in 2005 and is currently in its second generation. Audi's first attempt at a full-size 4x4, the combination of the famous Audi Quattro all-wheel drive, seven seats, solid build, and luxury finishes it is a worthy competitor in its class.

It is quite a bulky vehicle at around five meters long and almost two meters wide, although external design with fluid lines makes it appear aerodynamic and elegant. Although the Q7 car for sale does possess the all-wheel-drive and air suspension that can lower and raise the height to navigate rough terrain it is unlikely that a Q7 driver will take this luxury vehicle on rough terrain. With the all-wheel-drive and top of the range mechanical design it is agile, even for such a huge vehicle. The road grip is excellent and handling direct. The cabin is not noisy, always a consideration when buying a big vehicle.

The face-lift between first and second-generation saw the same design evolutions than in the smaller Q5 with a more prominent grille, added chrome detail and a slightly sportier over-all look than the previous subdued model.

The used Audi Q7 for sale cabin is spacious with 3 rows of seats although the third row is better suited for children than adults. The boot space of the hatch-back is acceptable and can be enlarged if the rear seats are folded down. As can be expected in this class, the interior fabric is of the highest quality, an infotainment system that is on par with other Audi models in the same generation and multiple storage options throughout the cabin, including cup holders, fair-sized cubby hole and charging stations.

The second-generation Q7 for sale seems to be the more popular, manufactured from 2015 until the present. The Q7 is a vehicle for owners looking for a combination of elegance, brand, size, and handling. It is not built for fuel economy or speed.

Available in a range of engine configurations a prospective owner can choose from the diesel line; 3litre, 4.2litre or 6litre and petrol either 3litre of 4.2litre. It is a presence on the road with enough power to tow with ease and navigate all surfaces and road conditions. It is not a cheap car to maintain and depending on mileage and condition it will impact the running cost of a second-hand Audi Q7.

Fuel economy wises the best model to opt for is the 3litre diesel at 11,4 km per litre. The best fuel economy on the petrol engine is the 3litre with 9.3km per litre.

If you ever need a second hand or pre-owned Audi Q7, browse through our list of Audi Q7 and make your purchase today!