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Used Ford F250 for Sale

Ford F250 Cars for Sale

The Ford F250 car is part of the F-Series of light- and medium-duty bakkies. The F250 classified as Super Duty Truck, meaning they are heavy-duty bakkies weighing almost four tonnes with a massive body and chassis to match. Not your run-of-the-mill utility vehicle, the F250 was designed for heavy-duty work. First introduced to the market in 1999, the Ford F250 car for sale is now in its fourth generation and first made its appearance in South Africa in 2005. Popular in the mining-, logistics- and agriculture industries, these heavy-duty vehicles are being used as fire-trucks and refrigerated movers as a smaller option to a full-sized truck.

The external design is unpretentious, with a slight box shape and aggressive grille, nothing too detailed, and the design pale into comparison with the sheer size of the vehicle at 2m x 2m x 6.2m.With a bulk weighing over 3500kg, a driver would need a Code 10 or C1 License with a Public Drivers Permit. The used F250 car for sale is available in two-wheel and four by four configuration with a single or double cab. Not that it makes a difference; it is still the biggest single cab on the market.

Apart from its spacious interior, it is comfortable and offers the driver's visibility that is almost second to none. The used Ford F250 car handles with ease; even for its mammoth size, it provides a smooth ride for both driver and passengers. It handles corners and turns better than one would expect. Off-road its performance is less than expected. The weight and bulk of the vehicle make navigating tricky terrain difficult. It is not a nimble rock-hopper; it was designed as a heavy-duty workhorse with load and towing capacity that is more than any other 4x4 can offer. The F250 can load just more than a ton and can easily tow 3,5 tons of weight.

Depending on the trim level and year model, there are optional extras fitted like the extra storage bins, electric windows in the latest Ford F250 model.

Fuel capacity on the 2x4 is 114litres and the 4x4 has a 144litre tank, with engine configurations between 4.2litre diesel turbo as well as the 6litre and 7.3litre V8. In South Africa, only the diesel models are available. Combined fuel consumption is recorded at around 5km per litre and that is without any cargo or towing.

The Ford F250 car for sale is not for the weekenders who just want to drive in comfort and have a capable four-wheel vehicle and was not designed for this purpose. It is a very tough vehicle just short of being a full-sized truck; capable of towing and logistics that medium-sized bakkies would not be able to offer.

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