Used ford mondeo For Sale

198 123 km | Manual
Joburg East
R 39 995


Used Ford Mondeo For Sale

Ford Mondeo Cars For Sale

The Ford Mondeo car is a large four-door sedan that has been manufactured since 1993. The Mondeo was an attempt by the manufacturer to combine a number of their other models to have a standard worldwide offer in this class. Hence its name, derived from the Latin for the world: Mundus. In recent years the Mondeo has claimed some status in racing circles, which proves technology innovation and technology are top of its class.

History apart, the used Ford Mondeo car has been a favourite amongst blue blood South African fans and one might even be able to pick up one of the older models (Generation 1 and 2). Currently, in its fourth generation, the generation you would most likely find in the second-hand car market is the second generation (2000 – 2007). The naming convention is a bit confusing since the later Mondeo generations have been marketed in South Africa as the Ford Fusion.

The most popular Ford Mondeo car for sale marketed in South Africa (especially the ST220) as such is probably the second generation. This generation had the combined challenges of proving a big sedan can be elegant, powerful and cost-efficient.

Starting with elegant; the exterior design of the Second generations and subsequent facelifts are a testament to Ford’s understated minimalism and in recent years with the Fourth generation, a flair of executive design not previously used. Sloping rooflines, gentle curves and tone-down front grille with smooth edges are a step-up from the original generation. Subliminal hinting performance, design of the second generation have been upgraded with twin exhausts, flaring wheel arches, subtle boot spoiler have been added to the design.

The interior confirms the outside statement. Standard items include supportive seats, above-average sound system, six airbags, leather upholstery, electrically adjustable seats, remote audio controls, climate control, and an adjustable steering wheel. These standard items make the Mondeo car for sale a very tempting option in the family sedan category. Fascia and control panel design is classic Ford, practical, minimalist and well laid out.

Cabin space is one of the trump cards for this model. It is much bigger than its competitors. Headroom and leg-room aplenty, the driver has a comfortable and visible position but even adult passengers will also drive in comfort. The boot size holds is own with a 500-litre capacity; all and all a great space to travel in.

Power and performance-wise, the used Ford Mondeo car for sale does not disappoint either. With a 3litre V6 engine it packs a punch of 166kW power with an impressive top speed of 240km/hours. The V6 is thirsty, as to be expected with combined fuel consumption of 12,5litres per 100km. Perhaps the only point of contention when compared to turbocharged and more fuel-efficient competitors.

The second hand Ford Mondeo for sale has excellent handling; cabin noise is low and driver controls very good with sharp turning and good cornering and comfortable suspension.

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