Used ford mustang For Sale

15 500 km | Automatic
R 549 900

65 000 km | Automatic
R 559 900

42 000 km | Automatic
R 559 950

24 350 km | Manual
R 599 900

62 000 km | Automatic
Cape Town
R 599 900

20 400 km | Automatic
R 609 500

47 000 km | Automatic
R 610 499

15 000 km | Automatic
R 678 000

27 000 km | Automatic
R 679 900


9 500 km | Automatic
Cape Town
R 699 900

5 500 km | Automatic
R 739 900


160 km | Manual
R 759 900


4 800 km | Automatic
R 769 900

200 km | Automatic
R 849 995

58 000 km | Automatic
R 899 900

8 500 km | Manual
R 1 109 900

3 800 km | Automatic
R 1 149 500

2 800 km | Manual
Joburg North
R 1 249 900


Ford Mustang for Sale

Few cars have the allure and street cred than the Ford Mustang. Epitomized in movies and songs, the Ford Mustang makes heads turn, no matter the year model. The 1962 original twin seater with its deep grumble makes all vintage car fans giddy. Now in its sixth generation, the Mustang still does its name proud – all American pony-power.

The fourth-generation (1994 – 2004) Mustang’s design was the first major redesign, compared to preceding and successive designs the most sedan-like of them all. The fifth-generation (2005 – 2014) design once again echoes the ‘fast-back' style of the sixties model and was designed by Ford's chief engineer who worked on Ford's IndyCar project under the racing legend Mario Andretti. Need we say more. Since the 2000's the Mustang is a sight to behold on the street and quite of a few them on the roads as well. 

The most represented on South African roads now is the sixth generation Mustang GT (2015 – present). Even immortalised in the “The Transformers” movie franchise. The wider body, lower to the ground posture with a very distinct grille shape called trapezoid plus spectacular colours all adds up to the head-turning exterior of the Mustang. 

The sixth-generation was not without issues, millions of cars were recalled in the US due to faulty airbags (2015 – 2017). The 2018 model was enhanced with better safety features and updated engine ratios. The V6 was discontinued and available since 2018 is the 2,3liter 4 cylinder and of course the V8 GT. The Ecoboost engine, 4 cylinder produces 310 horsepower and 475.5Nm of torque with 93 octane fuel. The 5litre V8 puts out 460 horsepower and 564Nm torque. The suspension was also revamped to produce a slightly smoother ride and are available in 10-speed automatic transmissions or 6-speed manual.

The interior is tasteful and in line with the Mustang image of tough but stylish, leather upholstery and chrome-effect buttons. The facia and displays retain the ‘race-car' feeling. The cabin is spacious though not roomy in the front and slightly cramped at the back.  The Mustang is not a family sedan and hasn’t been designed for that purpose.

One of the bigger updates in the 2018 model is the infotainment package. Standard issue 12inch screen with layouts and display configuration as well as the 8inc Sync3 screen, satellite navigation, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and AndroidAuto with an option between the standard nine-speaker- and twelve speaker Shaker sound system.

Driving experience depends from coupé to sedan as well as the type of tires and engine configuration. The V8 is smooth and responsive but it is a big vehicle with a high-revving engine. Acceleration from 0 – 100km/hour is under 4 seconds. Fuel economy for the GT is around 12,6liter per 100km and for the Ecoboost 4 Cylinder at about 7.6liters per km on combined use.

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