Used honda jazz For Sale

95 000 km | Manual
Joburg East
R 65 000

139 245 km | Automatic
R 69 700

186 688 km | Automatic
R 79 900

183 902 km | Manual
R 79 950

177 000 km | Automatic
Cape Town
R 79 995

96 000 km | Manual
Joburg East
R 85 000

102 000 km | Automatic
Joburg East
R 88 500

170 300 km | Automatic
R 89 500

162 500 km | Manual
R 89 900

182 700 km | Manual
R 89 900

160 000 km | Manual
R 89 990

113 000 km | Manual
R 99 900

64 599 km | Manual
R 99 900

200 263 km | Automatic
R 99 900

259 935 km | Manual
Joburg East
R 99 950

190 694 km | Automatic
R 99 950

169 000 km | Automatic
Cape Town
R 99 995

90 000 km | Manual
Joburg East
R 100 000

216 000 km | Manual
R 104 990

165 000 km | Automatic
R 114 990

156 000 km | Manual
R 119 950


81 300 km | Manual
R 119 995


89 000 km | Manual
Joburg North
R 124 900

101 000 km | Manual
Cape Town
R 129 495

93 689 km | Manual
Pretoria North
R 129 900


The Honda brand was first introduced to South Africa in the year 2000, and since then they’ve put thousands of excellent cars on the road.

During their almost 20-year run on South African roads, they’ve become a favourite of drivers who need comfort with low fuel consumption in mind. The Jazz in particular, makes for an excellent choice of car when you’re looking for something that handles like a dream and has all the space you need for your family or shopping.

Here’s more information about why the Jazz could be the perfect choice for you.

The Honda Jazz for Sale in South Africa

The car was first introduced to the consumer market back in 1982, and since then they’ve sold many thousands.

The original design that most people recognize was first introduced in 2001, and it’s known for its extreme reliability – and was a pleasure to drive.

It offers power, comfort and speed all-in-one without leaving you to feel like you’re compromising on one feature for the betterment of another. It’s excellent, and if you want something that’ll make the right impression no matter where you go without breaking the bank, it’s an excellent choice.

Here are more reasons why a Honda Jazz could be the perfect fit for you.

Buying a Used Car

Here’s some general advice you can use to make sure you get the best possible deal on your next purchase – and it’s already a much easier process if you happen to be using Surf4Cars to do it!

  • Test drive the car!
    When buying a new or used car, one of the most important things you should do before you buy is to test drive first! This gives you an opportunity to get a proper first impression and see how it handles for the very first time. If you like the way it handles during the test drive, it’s time to talk business – and if not, there are thousands more to choose from.
  • See under the hood
    Usually before or after the test drive, it’s customary to check under the hood – of course, only if you know what you’ll be looking at. Just in case you aren’t, take a car-fundi friend along who can help you to check the right things and pick up others that you may have missed.
  • Drive it on the track
    Once you’ve bought the car, it’s time to see where the limits are – and the best, safest place to do this is by driving ron a real track. There are many available places in SA where you can do this for a small fee. It allows you to see how your car really handles.

Best Features of a Manual or Honda Jazz Automatic for Sale

This could be one of the best family cars you ever drive, and it might be perfect for your family or business.

It’s available in several engine types, including the 1.5L that offers you 89kW of power under the hood – and the kind of fuel economy that most people are really looking for in a consumer car.

It also comes with many special features that make it great, including power, comfort and safety all included in the same package. You can rely on front fog lamps to ensure visibility when needed and features like driver and passenger airbags and ABS brakes to keep you safe on the road

Jazzy facts

Here are some facts about the model that you might not have known about.

  • In some countries, the car is instead known as the Fit – it’s got all of the same great features, it just happens to go by a different name. Now you know!
  • The name doesn’t just apply to cars either, you can also find a motorcycle with the same name for sale in some places like Canada.

An Award-Winning Car

Need some more convincing that this could be the right car for you? Here’s more information on some of the awards it has taken home over the years.

  • Wheels awarded it with the 2018 Compact Car of the Year Award.
  • It was named the most reliable car for the Carbuyer Awards. awarded it their Most Reliable Small Car for the 2017 run of their survey-based vehicle competition.
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