Used mercedes-benz a class For Sale

203 000 km | Manual
Pretoria West
R 59 900

180 000 km | Manual
Joburg East
R 59 995

151 030 km | Automatic
R 69 900

195 000 km | Automatic
Pretoria West
R 69 900

242 000 km | Manual
Joburg North
R 69 900

158 000 km | Automatic
R 69 990

202 000 km | Manual
R 79 900

242 000 km | Automatic
R 79 900

83 000 km | Automatic
Johannesburg CBD
R 84 000

83 000 km | Manual
Johannesburg CBD
R 87 000

179 000 km | Automatic
R 89 500

259 097 km | Manual
Joburg West
R 89 900

205 000 km | Automatic
R 89 900

125 000 km | Automatic
R 89 990

81 000 km | Automatic
Johannesburg CBD
R 99 000

169 000 km | Automatic
Cape Town
R 99 995

124 000 km | Automatic
R 129 500

92 532 km | Automatic
Joburg East
R 149 950

154 000 km | Automatic
Johannesburg CBD
R 179 000

150 000 km | Automatic
Johannesburg CBD
R 185 000

139 000 km | Manual
Pretoria West
R 209 900

109 315 km | Automatic
R 209 900

131 236 km | Automatic
R 219 900

102 000 km | Manual
Joburg East
R 219 950

86 000 km | Manual
R 219 995


Mercedes Benz A-Class for Sale

The Mercedes Benz A-Class or ‘Baby Benz' was first introduced in the market in the mid-nineties. Although a first for Mercedes Benz in terms of class model and shape, the subcompact hatchback was very well received in the South African market. The shape and exterior design have remained consistent until 2012 with an updated rounder, sportier look.

The first two generations have the prominent low and short nose and stocky rear, but high body, with 5 doors. Since adopted by other manufacturers such as Honda with the Honda Jazz, it is easy to maneuver in city traffic but holds its own on longer drives too. Pre-2013 models are available in a selection of configurations from 1,4litre petrol to 2litre Diesel, 5 or 6-speed manual, 5-speed semi-automatic and post 2013 also in CVT automatic as an optional extra.

In comparison, older models (pre-2013) the highest power output and speed were from the A120 Evolution Petrol, manufactured during early 2000. Top speed recorded as 203km/hour and power output of 44kW at 3600 revs per minute and reached 0 – 100km/hours in 8 seconds. With regards to fuel consumption, the model that performed the best of the first two generations where the CDI Diesel engines, which was leading-edge technology at the time of their launch. Standard safety features include; electronic stability control, traction control and ABS breaks. Technical improvements and updates were made throughout production with the introduction of anti-roll support and a selective dampening system with a smart shock-absorbing system that responded according to conditions and road surface.

The interior is well laid out, depending on trim level a mix of leather or cloth/leather combination. It is roomy for its class and with good driver visibility. The instrument panel staying true to intuitive Mercedes Benz A-Class layout, functional and stylish and even with a bit of wood paneling in the upper trim levels.

The 2013 facelift progressed the A class from subcompact to full small family car. Longer lines, lower roof with a sloping roofline to accommodate the hatchback, lower ground clearance, and updated front grille and headlights to stay in tune with the overall Mercedes Benz design language throughout its different vehicles all adds up to a sophisticated and luxurious look. Far from just a ‘mom's taxi', the third generation A-Class makes a fashion statement.

The interior does not disappoint either, with added options on the Sport model with chrome, textured plastics, and colour coded detail.

Infotainment and technology include Mercedes Benz A-Class Drive Kit Plus for iPhone, Bluetooth, Roof box 400 with Mercedes’Alustyle Quickfix Carrier bars, available Mercedes Sport additions such as the front apron spoiler, roof spoiler and more. All Mercedes Benz A-Class are issued with light-alloy wheels and a plethora of Mercedes Benz safety features.