Used mercedes-benz s class For Sale

255 000 km | Automatic

Joburg East
R 79 500


265 529 km | Automatic

R 99 950

219 000 km | Automatic

R 199 950


146 890 km | Automatic

R 249 950

157 000 km | Automatic

R 349 999


110 000 km | Automatic

R 599 995

75 000 km | Automatic

R 749 995

16 000 km | Automatic

R 899 995

79 000 km | Automatic

R 999 990

12 000 km | Automatic

R 1 750 000

36 500 km | Automatic

Joburg North
R 1 850 000

31 000 km | Automatic

Joburg North
R 1 895 000


27 000 km | Automatic

R 2 199 990

8 000 km | Automatic

R 2 349 900

Mercedes Benz S Class For Sale

The Mercedes Benz S Class for sale is one of the standard offerings in the German manufacturers stable. With a history that started in 1972, the S Class represents some of the more icon vintage shapes on the road. The “Ponton” and “Fintail” have been immortalized in movies and popular culture and even the late 1960’s W108 is still one of the classic Mercedes forms. This four-door sedan has been a brand icon throughout the years. Mercedes Benz also produces an armoured model called the W220 S Guard, used by government leaders, diplomats, and other dignitaries.

Currently, in its sixth generation, there are many shapes and varieties on the road, depending on your purpose – collector, bargain hunter, or looking for an affordable second-hand luxury vehicle. From the third generation until currently the sixth generation is all very well known shapes on the South African roads.

The youngest second hand Mercedes Benz S Class for sale would be the sixth generation W222 and C217. Launched in 2013, the exterior design is streamlined and aerodynamic. The large front grille harking back to the F700 and currently a Mercedes design trend as well as the strong converging lines on the flanks that line up with the exhaust tips makes for an elegant and luxurious looking vehicle.

The interior matches the outside hint of luxury. Upholstery and finishes are the real deal, genuine leather and real metal instead of metal painted hard plastic. The fascia is minimalist and futuristic with an instrument cluster existing of two LCD screens with animated graphic displays. Ambient lighting options, touchpad controller on the centre console and steering wheel control buttons all add to the super luxurious experience. If that is not enough, air condition and seat heating, interior lighting, fragrance, and seat massage can be voice-controlled. Driver-assist systems include Active Distance Control Distronic that adjusts the speed of the vehicle based on the route and speed limits, Steering Assist, Active Lane change assist, Active Emergency Stop Assist brakes, and traffic sign assists all make the W222 a vehicle right out of a movie.

The latest Mercedes Benz S Class for sale has a longer body, as especially the Asian market prefers the C Class as a chauffeured vehicle. But with all the bells and whistles it would be a shame to lose out on the magnificent driving experience and a power train to back it up. The second hand Mercedes Benz S Class for sale is a bulk of a vehicle and the early 2017 models boast an acceleration of around 5seconds from 0 – 100km per hour. If you opt for the V12 S600 you will accelerate in 4,6 seconds from 0 – 100km. Of course, your fuel consumption would show it. The luxury C Class was not built for the fuel consumption sensitive consumer. Clocked at around 8.2litres per 100km for combined use in the V8 and 11.6litres per 100km in the V12 economy was not the main aim in the C Class.

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