Used mercedes-benz sl class For Sale

105 000 km | Automatic

R 239 900


198 000 km | Automatic

Joburg North
R 269 900

159 997 km | Automatic

R 279 950

117 000 km | Automatic

Cape Town
R 279 995

69 000 km | Automatic

R 349 999


96 170 km | Automatic

R 399 900

72 000 km | Automatic

R 479 900

79 707 km | Automatic

R 719 900


Mercedes Benz SL Class For Sale

The Mercedes Benz SL Class for sale is one of those iconic shapes that make any motoring enthusiast’s heart sing with admiration. In 1954, the German manufacturer launched the 300SL (W198) as well as the beautifully designed “Gullwing”. Sixty-six years later the SL is still in production and has an exclusive fan base, the admirers of the Three-Pointed Star’s elegance and refinement combined with performance. “SL” is derived from the German words “Sport” and “Leicht”, giving us the light sports car, initially co-designed by motorsports design mastermind Rudolf Uhlenhaut. This might sound like useless information, but is crucial to the SL fans; it confirms the authentic sporting image and character.

With so many updates during the decades, you are spoilt for choice. The vintage models are however incredibly scarce and hard to come by. More contemporary models are easier to find if you know where to look. From the early 200's there have been six different models in the SL Class with the youngest second hand Mercedes Benz SL Class for sale being the 2016 Facelift model of the R231.

In December 2011 the second hand Mercedes Benz SL Class for sale was updated as the R231. This remarkable vehicle is almost completely manufactured from aluminium, which cuts around 110kg from its total body weight. Exterior design is sleek, with flatter more aggressive lines and a bold grille and logo. The body is also longer and wider, making for a big size roadster, a good thing if you are a tall driver. The roadster has evolved into an easy and elegant cruiser. Still, a sporty and aggressive front look, with bumper- and side air vents to match, the sleek lines add to the aerodynamics of this vehicle, still featuring several weight-saving solutions.

The R231 adopted some luxury features from its relative, the luxury S-Class coupé. The two-tone interior is understated elegance, minimalism, and efficiency. Upholstery is a combination of stitched leather and high-quality fabric with metallic contrast elements. Sporty seats are comfortable and supportive, steering wheel suitable aesthetical. Depending on the model and trim, you will find all sorts of extras: Harman Kardon or Bang & Olufsen sound systems, Magic Vision Control where water is dispensed from the windscreen wipers rather than jetted onto the windscreen as well as the Magic Sky Control System that can change the glass panel in the panoramic roof darker and lighter with the switch of a button.

The Mercedes Benz SL R231 for sale is not a city sleeker that can easily park and maneuver. The Active Body Control system ensures a stable and smooth experience for drivers and passengers alike. Fuel consumption is around 9litres per 100km.

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