Used audi a3 For Sale

152 000 km | Manual
Cape Town
R 139 995

100 000 km | Automatic
Johannesburg CBD
R 139 999

51 000 km | Manual
Johannesburg CBD
R 140 000

92 000 km | Automatic
Johannesburg CBD
R 140 000

104 706 km | Manual
R 144 900

109 000 km | Automatic
Johannesburg CBD
R 144 999

78 000 km | Manual
Johannesburg CBD
R 148 000

127 000 km | Automatic
R 149 500

161 035 km | Manual
Joburg East
R 149 900

177 950 km | Automatic
R 149 995

100 000 km | Automatic
Johannesburg CBD
R 149 999

159 000 km | Automatic
Pretoria West
R 159 900

160 000 km | Automatic
R 169 900

100 000 km | Manual
Johannesburg CBD
R 170 000

115 000 km | Manual
Cape Town
R 179 900

85 000 km | Automatic
Joburg East
R 180 000

83 000 km | Manual
Johannesburg CBD
R 185 900

76 000 km | Automatic
Johannesburg CBD
R 187 000

105 000 km | Automatic
Johannesburg CBD
R 189 000

77 000 km | Automatic
Johannesburg CBD
R 189 000

119 518 km | Automatic
R 189 900

137 116 km | Automatic
Joburg East
R 189 950

117 000 km | Automatic
Cape Town
R 189 995

160 000 km | Automatic
R 189 999

85 000 km | Automatic
Joburg East
R 190 000


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The A3 in South Africa

If you’re looking for a great sedan that offers you just the right blend of a slick, sporty vehicle and corporate style. It’s a favourite car for both families and drivers who spend a lot of time on the road for business, and this car’s features will make everyone envious of what you’re driving – and they’ll all want to crank the stereo and ride shotgun.

The car has been in production since 1996, and there have been many adaptations and improvements to the vehicles since the first was given the all-clear to drive.

Today, there are still many for sale in excellent condition, and one of these could be perfect for your next car.

Why a Second Hand A3?

This is one of the best cars you can drive because it’s built to for great handling, speed and comfort.

It’s the ideal car for a family trip, and it works just as well for anyone who drives around frequently for business and needs the right first impression.


It is available in three guises, Hatchback, Sportback if you need the extra doors or Sedan if a bigger boot space is important to you.

A3’s have been built with super fuel economy in mind, and you can find examples in petrol or diesel, available with a six-speed manual gearbox or Audi’s Tiptronic auto box.

It’s also built with safety in mind and comes with ABS brakes for safer stops and front fog lights that ensure better visibility on the road in any weather conditions.

Comfort features like air conditioning and climate control for your car are a given, and even the sound system that comes standard with the car is good enough that you won’t feel the need to upgrade in a hurry

Finding a Used A3 for Sale

This has been a popular family and business car for more than ten years: Parts are easy to track down, the vehicles themselves are affordable to repair when something does go wrong – and they can handle SA’s tough roads without an issue.

When you’re looking for a comfortable car, whether you’re driving around for business or family, you’ll be more than happy with what the car has to offer.

Audi Awards

The A3 isn’t just an excellent car, it also happens to be an award-winning one that’s been the star of the show for several years running. Here are just some of the awards that it has won over the years.

  • The 2.0L Sportback is a great car, and they proved it when the car was chosen as one of the finalists in the Car of the Year Consumer Awards, powered by WesBank for the 2017/2018 run.
  • The Sportback also took home the award for being the overall winner of the Car of the Year Awards for best family car in 2018 hosted by
  • It has also achieved enough popularity abroad to be called the Best Luxury Small Car for the Money by the US News & World Report for the luxury vehicle category.

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