Used hyundai h1 For Sale

145 000 km | Automatic
R 369 900

134 900 km | Automatic
R 369 995


210 223 km | Automatic
R 374 900

128 190 km | Automatic
R 379 900

93 000 km | Manual
R 389 900

63 000 km | Automatic
R 389 995

110 167 km | Automatic
R 399 800

62 750 km | Automatic
R 399 900

92 200 km | Automatic
R 399 900

30 142 km | Manual
Cape Town
R 399 995

71 500 km | Automatic
R 399 995

75 430 km | Manual
R 409 950

108 000 km | Automatic
R 419 900

75 000 km | Automatic
R 419 999

64 100 km | Automatic
Cape Town
R 429 950


77 650 km | Manual
R 435 900

62 000 km | Automatic
Joburg North
R 435 900

69 200 km | Automatic
Cape Town
R 439 995

52 821 km | Automatic
Cape Town
R 449 900


167 800 km | Automatic
R 449 950

58 000 km | Automatic
R 479 500

33 020 km | Automatic
R 479 900

27 761 km | Automatic
R 489 950

96 000 km | Automatic
R 499 900


34 989 km | Automatic
Joburg East
R 539 900


Hyundai was first launched to the South African market in the year 2000, and since then they’ve put some great car models on the road and earned a reputation for reliability and great value.

If you’re looking for a reliable car for yourself, your family or your business, finding a used H1 for sale might be ideal. Their cars are built to drive, and they can handle whatever the road might have to throw at them – including harsh weather conditions, bad roads and potholes.

They’re great as company workhorses, but they’re also great for family cars – and if you want to drive around in style and safety, they could be the right cars for you.

Here’s why this could be the perfect choice for your next car.

Introducing the Hyundai H1

The van was first introduced to South Africa in 2009, and this car model has been on the road for almost ten years – during which time it has proved to be a reliable option.

The H1: Its Best Features

The van is one of the best selling models for the Hyundai car catalogue – and one of the most popular models on ours.

It’s available with either a 2.4L petrol or diesel engine, or the 2.5L in either manual or automatic options – and since it’s been on the market for almost ten years, it’s a car that we know has proven itself as really reliable on the road.

The car also includes luxury features like air conditioning, cruise control and USB/Bluetooth connection for your smart devices so that you can stay connected safely while you drive.

Reasons to Buy a Used H1 for Sale

Here are just some of the reasons that make this a great car for your home, family or business.

  • It’s Built for Space: It comes in eight and twelve-seater capacity models so that you have more than enough space for transporting a large family, several staff members at once or important cargo for a client.
  • It Promises Fuel Economy: Fuel economy is a term that many car manufacturers mention, but not all of them can prove. It ranks top in its class for fuel economy, and you can know that it won’t blow your petrol budget out of the water – or off the road.
  • It’s Made to be Safe: The vehicle keeps safety a priority, and comes with features such as a rear camera and airbags to ensure that you’re safe on the road.

Facts About the H1  

Considering buying one? Here’s what you might not have known about the vehicle.

It has experienced several facelifts over the years that have seen the model released with added features, including a touch screen added in 2018.
The car is available in several seating configurations depending on your needs, including a 9 or 11-seater – and both are more comfortable than you would think!