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R 3 100 000
2021 | 100 km | Automatic
Cape Town

R 3 299 000
2021 | 7 000 km | Automatic


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More about Land Rover

Land Rover is a brand that stands out from the rest – particularly in regard to its history. Most European automotive marques are established around the company’s founder or co-founders, whereas Land Rover’s heritage is built around a vehicle – the Land Rover. Shortly after WWII, Maurice Wilks, Chief Engineer at Britain’s Rover Car Company, acquired a military surplus Willy’s Jeep which proved extremely versatile in helping him manage his farm. Knowing his Jeep would one day break down and that there were no spare parts in England to repair it. He came up with the idea to build one of his own – one year later the first Land Rover debuted at the 1948 Amsterdam Auto Show.

How much is a Land Rover in South Africa?
Land Rover cars are available for sale in South Africa in a variety of trim levels starting from under R170 000 for an older model with prices dependent on the year of manufacture, mileage, service history and vehicle specifications. However, Land Rover’s more exclusive high-end range – prices start at around R650 000. 

Is a Land Rover a reliable car?
Land Rover is one the most recognised Overlanding vehicle brands in the world. During the early stages of production in the late forties, the Land Rover was hailed as the farmer's best friend and was the choice utility vehicle for military forces around the world: qualities that are inherent in the Land Rovers of today. However, to avoid any unnecessary breakdowns and unwanted costly repairs: Land Rover insist on their customers to have their Land Rover vehicle serviced by a qualified Land Rover technician – at their nearest Land Rover Service Centre.

What makes a Land Rover worth the money?
People associate Land Rover with luxury and status whereby the novel experience of driving one makes it worth the money. Land Rover has invested their utmost best into all their vehicles: robust powertrain options, serene ride-quality, sublime interior comfort, intuitive cabin connectivity and world-class safety technology at your fingertips. Land Rover’s famous slogan, “Go Anywhere Anytime,” means you can drive from the urban safari to the Kalahari in style.

Is a Land Rover expensive to service and maintain?
Land Rovers are extremely expensive to service! There are no shortcuts when it comes to services or skimping on regular maintenance is to your own peril. Land Rover design their vehicles to be a cut above the rest, futuristic, purposeful, functional and fast! Even if you buy a used Land Rover, Land Rover provide a host of specialised client services and after-sales support that remind you when your vehicle is due for a service.

Where can I find a Land Rover for sale?
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