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R 269 995
2013 | 145 000 km | Manual
Cape Town

R 299 899
2017 | 44 900 km | Manual

R 299 950
2017 | 67 800 km | Manual
Joburg East

R 299 995
2017 | 33 135 km | Manual

R 369 900
2017 | 113 000 km | Manual

R 369 900
2019 | 46 200 km | Manual

R 409 900
2021 | 5 500 km | Manual
Joburg West

R 429 950
2018 | 36 000 km | Automatic
Joburg North

R 615 900
2021 | 5 000 km | Automatic
Joburg West

R 700 000
2021 | 5 000 km | Manual
Joburg West


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More About Subaru

How much is a Subaru in South Africa?
Subaru cars for sale in South Africa are available in a variety of models and trim levels. The retail prices for a used Subaru for sale is between R95 000 and R750 000. But prices depend on year of manufacture, mileage, service history and the vehicle specifications.

Is a Subaru a reliable car?
Subaru arrived here in 1992 with only a handful of models on offer. More than twenty years later and some of those old Subaru cars are still being driven today. It is estimated that more than ninety-six percent of Subaru cars purchased a decade ago are still on our roads. Consumer reports from around the world, including South Africa, are consistent with Subaru's reliability. However, to further enhance the dependability of their cars; Subaru has slowly faded-out automatic and manual gearboxes in some of their cars. To be replaced instead with a more reliable CVT transmission.  Subaru build the best CVT gearboxes in the world.                

What makes a Subaru worth the money?
Subaru is unlike any other vehicle you have driven, which is a collective experience of both comfort and performance. Subaru's safety technology is in some instances on par with Volvo. However most unique to Subaru is their famous Symmetrical-All-wheel-Drive and boxer engine drivetrain system. In severe wet and slippery conditions, the system through a front, centre and rear differential can independently turn each wheel at a different speed for maximum traction per tyre. Subaru's camera fed EyeSight Driver Assist Technology is of the best in the world. E.S can identify other road users both in front and behind you on the road. 

Is Subaru expensive to service and maintain?
Subaru cars are expensive to service and repair. This is something you need to seriously consider when buying a second-hand Subaru. Especially a newly released Subaru. These cars have highly sophisticated electronics and often require labour intensive methods just to replace the simplest of engine parts. Therefore, before you buy a used Subaru you need to add in the cost of a very competitive maintenance plan.

Where can I find a used Subaru for sale?
Surf4cars Has a Large Selection of New and Used Subaru cars for sale from trusted dealerships. Our online cars for sale showroom is updated daily so you will never miss-out on finding the best deals on Subaru Cars for sale. Surf Our Online Showroom for all available listings.

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